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Fitting a Freestanding Bath & Taps

  • Thursday 01 July 2021
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Freestanding baths are the epitome of luxury, and adding one to your bathroom is a sure-fire way to upgrade your bathing experience. Once you’ve chosen your bath, it’s time to install it and plumb it in. Fitting a freestanding bath is relatively straightforward once you know how. In this guide we’ll walk you through how to install a freestanding bath, from the plumbing right through to the taps.

How to install a freestanding bath

Before you begin

There are a few things to consider before you begin installing your freestanding bath to help you stay safe and to protect the rest of your bathroom:

  • Freestanding baths can be heavy, so be sure to get assistance when moving or lifting the bath.
  • Wear appropriate safety apparel such as gloves and safety footwear.
  • Check the bath thoroughly for damage and report any faults to the supplier before you install it.
  • Lay down a dustsheet to protect the bath from damage from falling objects during installation.
  • Shut off the main water supply.

Note: Exact steps for installing your freestanding bath will vary based on the model, so ensure you follow the installation guide provided by the manufacturer.


  1. Start by cleaning, levelling and preparing the area for installation.
  2. Install the waste pipe, then line the bath up over the waste pipe.
  3. Attach the overflow cover using silicone sealant.



  1. Place the bath in the exact position where it will be installed, then mark around the outline of the bath.
  2. Turn the bath over and attach the feet to the bath if required. Mark their positions on the floor, and secure the foot lockers into place on the floor.
  3. Turn the bath over and place it on to wooden battens to allow access under your bath while you make the final connections.
  4. Connect the flexible waste hose to the waste pipe.
  5. Adjust the legs and temporarily remove the battens to check the bath sits level on the floor.
  6. Refit the battens.
  7. Push the plug to seal the drain then add enough cold water to just cover the bottom of the bath.
  8. Push the plug to unseal the drain and check the waste connections for any leaks. Check and seal any leaks, then refill the bath to halfway and repeat the leak test. Drain the bath.
  9. Apply silicone into each foot locker and to the bottom of each foot. Remove the wooden battens and pull the bath forwards until the rear feet engage with the foot lockers.
  10. If your freestanding bath sits flush to the floor, use silicone sealant along the edges where the bath meets the floor to secure it in place. Once this has been applied, allow 24 hours for the sealant to set and dry before using the bath.
  11. Installation of your bath is now complete. Install hot and cold supplies and fit brassware as required.


Note: If you are installing your bath in a different area of the bathroom than your old bath, then you’ll need to get a plumber to reroute your old pipes.

How to fit taps on your freestanding bath

Once you’ve finished installing your bath, it’s time to fit your taps and waste. Some baths will have pre-drilled holes to secure your taps, but if not, you’ll need to drill these yourself. Measure the midway point, use masking tape to mark the spots for the holes, then use a tank cutter to drill the holes. You can then peel off the masking tape, mount the taps and connect them to your hot and cold water supplies.

How to install freestanding bath taps

If you’ve chosen freestanding taps, you’ll need to mark out their position on the floor before fitting your new bathtub, ensuring they’re the perfect distance from your bath so that the water won’t hit the edge of the tub.

You’ll then need to drill holes for supply pipes, and lift your floorboards to run pipework to the necessary spot. Once this has been fitted, test the pipes for leaks before relaying your floorboards and fitting your bath.

Fitting a freestanding bath usually takes around two days, including time for sealant to set and dry, so make sure you have alternative washing arrangements in the meantime. After that, your freestanding bath is ready for you to soak and relax in.

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