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How To Install A Shower Pump in 7 Steps

  • Tuesday 02 November 2021
  • 5 minute read

How does a shower pump work and why do you need one?

A shower pump essentially increases the force or thrust of the water coming out of your shower system. This means water comes out in a more consistent flow as well as the pressure and temperature working more consistently as well. The reason for having a shower pump is to regulate the flow between hot and cold, so if your shower pressure is less powerful when on the hot setting than on the cold setting, it might be worth installing a shower pump. The types of showers that benefit from having a show pump are predominately mixer showers, the addition of a shower pump to a mixer shower will give your shower more of a power shower feel.

How to check your shower water pressure

  1. Put a 1L jug or cup under your shower.
  2. Turn the shower onto full.
  3. Time how long it takes to fill the jug or cup.
  4. If it takes longer than 6 seconds to completely fill the jug, then your water pressure is low.

Knowing the right pressure rating to choose

The pressure rating of a mixer shower is known as the bar, this will determine how powerful your shower is. Generally speaking, every shower is rated with a minimum required pressure rating of 0.1 and a maximum required pressure rating of 3 bar. It is important to note, however, that you cannot just upgrade from a low pressure to a high-pressure shower pump to increase the water pressure. Note that anything 0.3 bar or below usually needs a low water pressure shower, and anything 1.0 bar or higher needs a high-water pressure shower. We have outlined below the different types of bar pressure ratings and which you might need depending on your shower head and water pressure.

  • 1 bar - Ideal for small shower heads but provides a low-pressure experience.
  • 1.5 bar - This shower pump will need more water pressure but it good for normal showers.
  • 2 bar - Good for normal shower set ups that needs more water pressure.
  • 2.5 bar - Ideal for power showers or bigger shower heads.
  • 3 bar - Ideal for power showers or bigger shower heads. Can include features such as body jets.


Here at Mira, our flagship pump comes in a variety of sizes, we have a choice of 1.5 and 2.0 bar shower pumps within our range.

What types of shower pumps are there?


This type of shower pump only improves the hot water pressure (which is usually the one that needs a boost) and the cold-water pressure is from the main household water pressure.

Positive shower pumps

This type of shower pump uses gravity to force the water through, giving a higher pressure. Usually, they are located in the loft and fed down into the pump.

Negative shower pumps

This type of shower pump uses a sucking action to create a force from the cold-water tank into the shower.

Note: You cannot use a positive or negative shower pump with a combi boiler system as hot water is not stored

What you'll need to install a shower pump

  • Multiple towels
  • A bucket
  • A monkey-wrench
  • A screwdriver
  • An electrical tester

A step-by-step guide to fitting a shower pump

Step 1: Electrically isolate your pump

Turn off the electricity supply and remove the fuse. With your electrical tester, test the pump to make sure it is isolated. Repeat this process to ensure your electricity is isolated.

Step 2: Remove the electric wires from your shower pump

Using a screwdriver, remove the electrical wiring.

Step 3: Turn off the hot and cold-water supply

It is very important to turn off the hot and cold-water supply to ensure your home does not flood with water.

Step 4: Remove the water connection and the old pump

Unscrew the water connection. If some leftover water spills out use your bucket and towels to catch the water to avoid flooding. Now remove the old shower pump.

Step 5: Install your new shower pump

Flush the pipework to get rid of any rubbish. Connect the hot and cold-water feed pipes to the pump following the instructions supplied with your specific shower pump.

Step 6: Plumb your new shower pump

Remove any debris by running a bucket of water through the hot and cold-water feed pipes. Keep the water running until there is no sign of debris and your water is completely transparent / clear. Then, reconnect the connection hoses to the pump.

Step 7: Reconnect the wires and turn on your electric

Reconnect the wires to your new pump, that you previously undid to remove your old pump, then turn on the electric and you should be good to go.

Our Mira Showers pumps are the ideal solution for a low-pressure shower such as a mixer shower. If you’re wanting to improve the pressure of the shower in your home, a shower pump is a great choice. Check out our full range of Mira Showers shower pumps.

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