By Kerry Hale

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

  • Friday 05 August 2016
  • 3 minute read

It can be hard to create an exciting bathroom, especially when it hasn’t been renovated for a while. Once all the key products have been installed there may not be a huge amount of room for accessories, and many builders choose bland colours for the finishes for its durability.

At Mira Showers, we believe that bathrooms don’t have to be boring, so we have provided suggestions below to turbocharge your room to make it more exciting.


There’s nothing more frustrating than a trickle of water dribbling from your showerhead instead of a full and refreshing shower. Our expert innovators in showers are always busy at work creating up the best ways to improve the shower experience for our customers. Our Mira Magni-flo™ technology allows you to have a drenching shower even with water pressure as low as 0.1 bar.

Bathing solution

If you are fortunate enough to be installing entirely new products, then the striking Mira Virtue BSM (pictured) with our range of bath shower screens provide a highly effective and stylish in-bath showering solution, offering complete flexibility and peace of mind, especially if your space is at a premium.


Creating a feature wall within your bathroom is the perfect way to create a talking point and is something to think about when trying to make your room visually more exciting. Featuring block colour tiles on the walls or floor will look chic and sophisticated whilst the addition of patterned tiles on one wall will give an ornate, vintage look and will add a depth of character to a plain bathroom.

Alternatively, changing the colour scheme completely is an effective way of making a statement and is a simple way of creating the atmosphere you want for your room.


People often perceive the bath as a permanent fixture, but this is not the case, you can change yours to create a striking design feature. We have recently seen a significant rise of free-standing baths as they not only provide a style statement but also help to achieve a spa-like ambience. The shape of the tub will also have an impact on the whole room; a curved one can bring softness to an otherwise thin bathroom, whereas an angular style can bring structure.

Are you looking for ways to turbocharge your bathroom?

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