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A day in the life : Ash Meakins, Human Resources Director

Monday 14th November 2016

Our successful ‘day in the life’ posts let you take a peek into the working lives of our team members here at Mira Showers, and what it really entails to work for our company. Today we look at our HR Director, Ash Meakins.

Being a part of the HR team at Mira Showers means making sure that everyone is always treated with positivity in the workplace and working to their full potential, as well as developing, recruiting, and retaining brilliant individuals.

I have been with Mira for… four and a half years now, but it certainly feels like a lot less!

Our HR team is responsible for…recruiting, retaining and developing the very best people for Mira Showers. This is the team that I am directly responsible for. I am also part of the Executive team of which there are 9 of us. Overall, however, there are 800 people in this company, all passionate in delivering great products for consumers, and all a delight to work with on a daily basis.

The HR team and I have helped make Mira Showers a great place to work by… investing heavily in sustaining our long term plans and strengthening company ties, with events such as the Kohler Mira Festival last year, which brought all of our associates together for a day of fun. We have also launched an in house management development program, a new career management scheme and a respectful workplace program, just to name a few! There are so many more things that we are working on but this will give you an idea of some of the things we currently have in the pipeline!

My day to day role involves… something different each day. I usually get into work for around 8 each morning. I always enjoy the drive into work as I come up from Bristol, so I use the M5 to plan the day ahead. The day itself starts with an update with the team at 8:30 where we talk about important aspects of the day ahead, which is followed by the daily Executive huddle to finish planning the day.

In these meetings, we work out how to attract the most creative minds to the company, as well as reviewing the latest company wide events, such as planning the previous 6 week wellbeing showcase in which we had psychological, financial and physical wellbeing activities going on across the whole site.

When not in meetings, I find every opportunity to spend time catching up with the whole HR team. I will keep up to date with all aspects of their work and see if they need support with any challenges they are currently facing.


My favourite part of the job is… working with some really great people who are passionate about growing the business, are committed to making this a great place to work and to delivering first class customer service. Regarding my position specifically, I love the focus on developing fresh and exciting talent. Seeing associates progress through their careers is also something I take great pride in, and we have some great examples of people excelling their careers both within Kohler Mira itself, and also within the wider Kohler Co. global organisation.

I relax after work by… going to the gym, seeing friends, going to the cinema, playing squash and watching Bristol Rugby play! I also like to have dinner with my fiancée, Marion, however at the moment a lot of our spare time seems focused on wedding planning!

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