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charity: water - the results

Our 2017 charity of the year got in touch to tell us what our total donation achieved

  • Wednesday 23 October 2019

Back in 2017 Kohler Mira's charity of the year was charity: water, and over a year after donating our final total the charity got back in touch with us to let us know what our fundraising efforts achieved. 

In 2017 we helped fundraise for charity: water's work in Malawi, where there is a clean and safe water crisis. We're pleased to announce that:

100% of our donation funded 7 Wells with Hand Pumps for people living in the Chikhwawa District of Malawi!

Our donation helped to bring clean and safe water to the district, and was part of a $1,254,276 commitment that funded 126 projects, bringing clean water to 44,772 people. To increase the sustainability of each project, the charity works with others to prioritise meaningful collaboration by asking the local government and communities to contribute to water and sanitation projects. This co-financing approach promotes community responsibility and long-term functionality.

Well done to everyone who raised money for the charity, it's a life-changing achievement!