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Focusing On The End Customer

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Friday 01 June 2018

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, with “Focus on the end customer” being one of our four business core competencies.

Whether the customer is a consumer phoning our call centre for advice, an installer fitting our showers, or a customer selling our products, our teams work tirelessly to ensure the perfect customer experience. Every team at Kohler Mira focuses on their end customer in a different way – whether they listen to the customer, speak directly to them or see them day-to-day.

Our Field Sales and Field Service teams see and interact with our customers on a day-to-day basis. The Field Sales team visits our customers on the road – whether that’s going in-store or to customer headquarters – building strong relationships is key to our success. The team speak to our customers about our exciting new products as well as working with them to understand our end-users better. Our Field Service team on the other hand, visit consumers to help fix their broken showers or fit new products, and provide excellent customer service to ensure that they are left as happy as possible. This team is incredibly busy; based all over the UK, they complete a staggering 50,000 service visits a year!

Throughout the new product development and design process, we ensure that we listen to our customers’ feedback – again, both our consumers and installers – so that we create products with meaningful benefits. Within the new product development process we undertake research, including consumer and installer focus groups, hearing directly from those who will buy and use our products. We also listen to the marketplace and look at the consumer shopping journey, and how we can make this journey – from inspiration to purchase – as seamless as possible. That’s why our new product development, industrial design and marketing teams work collaboratively so that this feedback is fully incorporated.

We’re proud of our dedicated UK call centre, comprising of 45 Customer Service representatives. Our team have over 25,000 customer interactions a month – speaking to our customers on social media, on the phone or via email. They offer advice on new products as well as helping them with any queries or issues with existing products. Our Internal Sales team work similarly, instead with our B2B customers, helping with orders, product queries and logistics. Both teams are technically trained on all Kohler Mira products, so they are fully equipped to help our customers as quickly as possible.