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Life as an Engineering Apprentice

Find out what it's like to be a Kohler Mira Engineering Apprentice

  • Tuesday 28 June 2022

We have run an apprentice scheme for over 50 years, but what’s it like to be a Kohler Mira apprentice in 20122? We caught up with four of our current apprentices, to get their views on different aspects of the apprenticeship and life at Kohler Mira.

Why should someone join us as an apprentice? 

Being an apprentice is an amazing experience. You are guided by knowledgeable and experienced leaders who provide huge amounts of support. The 4-year course is tailored to you by giving you a variety of shorter placements and longer placements of your choosing. – George



How has the buddy system supported you? 

When I began working on-site, I used the buddy system to help me settle in. My buddy helped me by giving me a tour of the site and sharing where I would need to be. The buddy system has also allowed me to ask older apprentices for support and guidance with my qualification paperwork. I am now a buddy myself to a first-year apprentice, and I am helping them through their first year of college. The buddy system is a fantastic way of supporting each other throughout our apprenticeships.

What extra activities have you enjoyed? Can you share any positive experiences you have had?

I have really enjoyed the residentials. Breaking the ice with the new apprentices who are joining the company through activities is a great idea and it forms a strong bond with business wide apprentices and managers. It also makes communicating at work a lot easier as they become your friends. The workstreams here at Kohler Mira provide experience outside of engineering. For example, organising and completing charity events, running a sustainability team looking at how we can optimise and improve how we think about sustainability, and early career communications give us an insight into marketing too! – Jack

To find out more about our engineering apprenticeships visit our Early Career section to find out about the program and how to apply.