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My Apprentice Story - Emma Meek

  • Wednesday 08 March 2017

Last year, we were delighted and incredibly proud that one of our apprentices won ‘Turner of the Year’ at the Gloucestershire Engineering Training college awards. That apprentice was Emma Meek. Here she shares what it was like to win and her perspective on being part of our apprentice scheme.

Hi, Emma, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

“I’m 19 years old and live in Mitcheldean, in the Forest of Dean. From a young age, I always thought to myself I wanted to be an engineer like my father and follow in his footsteps, although I never thought this was realistic or achievable. After helping my dad out every day since around the age of 8/9, following him around the garage and working on cars. I realised that this was part of what I wanted to do within my career. I grew up believing I wouldn’t be able to follow my father due to being female, however, I pursued and realised that this didn’t matter at all.”

What was it like to win ‘Turner of the Year’?

“The best thing about being at GET for me is the chance to get hands-on machining experience. I enjoy making components to technical drawings currently on the lathes and enjoy accomplishing these within tolerances and surface finishes. And so to win ‘Turner of the Year’ was amazing! As it was for the work I did within my machining modules.”

Where would you ultimately like to finish up at the end of your training?

“Eventually, I am aiming to complete my engineering training to HNC/HND level. I think I will enjoy a job in both mechanical and electrical engineering at Mira, possibly in the product design department. However, I also enjoy problem-solving so a job where these aspects are incorporated would be a role I would enjoy thoroughly.”

Would you recommend an Apprenticeship at Kohler Mira to people you know & if so why?

“I would highly recommend an apprenticeship at Kohler Mira. The staff within the company are extremely welcoming and friendly. They have helped with my learning greatly when attending the company during shutdown at GET. 

The experience gained through an apprenticeship is realistic and helps to improve skills and knowledge required for the real world. The hands-on experience is what I enjoy most as I can learn how to do things by actually having a go and learn from my own mistakes.

Kohler Mira has given me all the opportunities possible and has opened doors every step of the way to encourage me to be the best engineer I can be.”


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