Mira Showers Statement on COVID-19

Mira Showers Statement on COVID-19


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My Apprentice Story - Nineties to Now

Senior Supply Chain Analyst, Adam Barnett and Project Engineer, Kristian Derrett share their apprentice stories.

Tuesday 6th March 2018

Senior Supply Chain Analyst, Adam Barnett and Project Engineer, Kristian Derrett joined us just over 20 years ago in 1997 when Brit Pop ruled and either Oasis or Blur was on everybody’s Walkman.

Adam Barnett - Senior Supply Chain Analyst

Project Engineer - Kristian Derrett

How did your apprenticeship help you get to where you are today?

Adam: “It’s funny looking back really, as during my time as an apprentice I never spent any time in Supply Chain and yet here I am and have been for the last 12 years. And I still really enjoy it. When you start an apprenticeship you don’t really have any business knowledge or experience, but during the 4 years this builds significantly. You meet and work with a lot of people from all areas of the business. The time I gained rotating around different departments gave me a huge amount of business and product knowledge which really helped in my later career.

Kristian: “I think for me, it was gaining sound knowledge of the business and a foundation of all engineering principles and practices which I still use in my day to day role. Now, outside of my day to day role, I’m also proud to be an apprentice manager – it’s a very rewarding way to pass on what I’ve learnt over the last 20 years.

What’s the best thing about working for Kohler Mira?

Kristian: “I genuinely, really love my job and every day offers different challenges and variety dealing with equipment and product related challenges. I also get a buzz from introducing new ideas that make the task easier, safer, and quicker for people to complete. Ideas sharing is something that’s very much encouraged here. You don’t have to be in senior management to bring about change – as associates, we’re all empowered to drive improvement.”

Adam: “Working for a market leader in any area of business is really something special. To know that there are so many good things on the horizon to help us maintain and grow gives you the drive to push yourself further.

And the company really does have a family feel to it. There are always opportunities to improve and develop. There is always help available when needed.”


Why should an apprentice join us today?

Kristian: ”Kohler Mira is part of a global company, Kohler Co., that continually reinvests back into the business. It’s an opportunity to join a manufacturing business that drives innovation and uses cutting edge technology in its Production processes, such as robotics and automation to build and develop products. Kohler Mira also focus heavily on the wellbeing and development of people - you’ll find there are many opportunities which can be tailored to suit you.

Adam: “You only have to look around the company today to see how many former apprentices there are still here and have moved up the through business.

This shows that apprenticeships really do work for Kohler Mira and this should encourage anybody thinking about doing an apprenticeship. The opportunities you have to progress after you complete your training are limitless. You could say that the apprentices have helped shape the way the company is today!

To find out more about joining our business visit our Early Careers page


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