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Stewardship at Kohler Mira

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Friday 28 April 2017

Here at Kohler Mira, Corporate Social Responsibility (or Stewardship) isn’t an afterthought – it’s woven into our business. Recognising the impact our business has both socially and environmentally is more than just a key focus – it’s part of our culture. Our Stewardship activities focus on 4 key areas – or Pillars: Community, Arts, Workplace and Environment.

In April, our Pillar teams hosted their first ever ‘Stewardship Fayre’ at our Cheltenham site. They set up fresher style stands and invited associates to come along and find out more. It gave the Pillars a chance to talk face to face about what they do, for associates to sign up to get involved and to take part in various competitions and fun activities. There was a real buzz in the room with over 300 visitors across the day.


Customer Service Representative and Community Pillar team member – Micha Harris said, “I joined the Community Pillar to get involved in something outside of my day to day job. I didn’t realise how rewarding it would be, and at the Fayre I had the chance to explain to associates why they should get involved!”

And there are many ways that Kohler Mira associates can get involved in Stewardship, whether that’s joining one of the Pillar teams, taking part in the organisation of individual events or by taking their company volunteer day for example. There are also many things that associates do as they go about their day jobs which can be classed as good Stewardship. Making sure they turn the lights off when they are last to leave a room, putting spare change in a charity collection tin, or by simply asking a colleague if they can help them with a task or project – all of these are great examples of small things which can make a huge difference.

You can find out more about Stewardship at Kohler Mira by visiting our Corporate Social Responsibility page.