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Volunteer Days

Inspiring Little Minds

  • Thursday 12 April 2018

Our associates get one day a year to volunteer for the charity or organisation of their choice. It's just one of the ways that we support our local communities.

Our Internal Communications team member Mel McClymont spent the day at a local primary school as part of an Aspirations Day.



My daughter’s school were running an Aspirations Day, a day designed to introduce the children to a variety of future career options. Parents were invited in to take part, as well as local businesses. I was slightly nervous about presenting to a class of small children, but decided to give it a go! I was in good company, with fire-fighters, an architect, a vet and a journalist in attendance among many others.




I delivered three 45 minute workshops on what it’s like to be a Graphic Designer (my previous role before joining Internal Communications) and how I originally got into it as a career. After a brief presentation, I asked the children to design a poster advertising an event or to sell a product of their own invention.

I had such a good day. The children were amazing and their ideas so creative! We had some great feedback from students and teachers at the closing assembly at the end of the day, which was lovely to hear.