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Why apply for an Apprenticeship at Kohler Mira?

  • Friday 25 October 2019

Adam Newman, our HR Apprentice, has celebrated his first year at Kohler Mira, so we wanted to find out what he has experienced so far and his thoughts on apprenticeships.

Why did you want an apprenticeship with Kohler Mira?

After experiencing an outstanding work experience placement, it made me realise what a great opportunity an apprenticeship at Kohler Mira would be. The work experience was so much better than other companies that I had been to which is why I choose to apply for the apprenticeship here.

Why did Kohler Mira stand out to you?

The people at Kohler Mira are so kind, friendly and supportive and this stood out for me when I was looking at career opportunities. The apprenticeship programme also gives me all the development I need to be able to be successful in roles going forward by not only teaching me technical skills but also soft skills

How does Kohler Mira support your overall development, not just your academic progress?

As well as offering me a qualification in something that benefits me and has a link to my job, Kohler Mira also offers a wide variety of soft skills development. Everything from Productivity training to Emotional Intelligence training, the opportunities cover such a variety of topics. In just one year I have gained skills that I wouldn’t have got from school or university. Kohler Mira have also given me the opportunity to develop my professional skills and build my confidence. 

Why would you recommend an apprenticeship with Kohler Mira?

I think it is a bit of no brainer really! If you know what you want to do, why not take the opportunity to get one step ahead of everyone else? 

Not only do you get real work experience but also all the soft skills development and a qualification that has purpose towards your career. Even if you don’t know what you would like to do as a career in the future you get a great opportunity to rotate around a fantastic company that will provide you with many different opportunities. Who knows you might find a job for life!

Another side to an apprenticeship is that you get to be a part of a supportive community of apprentices and mentors that all make sure that you get the best out of your time at Kohler Mira, and guarantee that you are always learning something new.