By Kerry Hale

Five Features Of Mira Mixer Showers

  • Friday 05 August 2016
  • 3 minute read

Choosing a mixer shower is the perfect option for an invigorating experience when you wake up in the morning. With electric showers requiring a connection to run, a mixer shower works by combining hot and cold water to reach the desired temperature and performance.

If you are a savvy DIY enthusiast and have already made that fundamental decision to purchase a mixer shower, we thought we would help you out with five things you should know about our range.

Mira Magni-flo technology

All our mixer showers now come with our patented Mira Magni-flo technology. This technology allows you to say goodbye to the frustrating trickle of water dribbling from your showerhead and gives you a drenching shower even with water pressure as low as 0.1 bar. Our system works by optimising the internal valve waterways, which means our showers deliver up to three times more flow than other products in the market.

Plumbing systems

A key element to selecting a mixer shower in your bathroom is the ability for the product to work across all common UK water systems. However, if you are struggling with a low pressure system then you can create an intense, fast-flowing shower by combining one of our mixer showers with a Mira pump. Our range of twin-ended pumps will boost your flow rate by up to 32 litres per minute, ensuring you enjoy a consistent showering experience.

Different configurations

Just because you have decided to go for a Mira mixer shower, doesn’t mean that you are limited to just one type of shower. We have a wide range of designs with different styles and configurations to suit you:

  1. Exposed Variable – shower control is mounted on the wall
  2. Built-in rigid – controls and showerhead are both built into the wall
  3. Built-in variable – shower control is built into the wall for a smart, clean finish
  4. Exposed rigid – shower control and showerhead are both mounted on the wall on a single riser bar
  5. Exposed rigid with diverter such as the Mira Minimal Dual ERD shower control and showerhead are both mounted on the wall on a single riser bar

CoolShield technology

With multi-generational homes on the rise, bathrooms now need to cater for a variety of ages and safety when it comes to using a shower That’s why all Mira mixer showers feature our innovative CoolShield technology meaning that the valve doesn’t get hot during a shower, meaning fewer accidents.

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