By Kerry Hale

Too Hot or Cold: How Seasonal Weather Affects Your Shower

  • Tuesday 13 June 2023
  • 5 minute read

If your shower is not hot enough in winter or feels too warm in the summer, this could be due to fluctuating temperatures between seasons.

Read on and watch the video to find out more about how seasonal weather affects your shower and how you can alter the settings to get the perfect temperature year-round.

How does the weather affect your mains water supply?

As the seasons change, the temperature of your incoming cold mains water supply will differ, being warmer in summer and cooler in winter. This can impact the temperature of your shower – especially electric showers, which heat water from the cold mains supply.

Electric showers

Electric showers are the most susceptible to seasonal temperature changes, so learn how to alter the settings to suit your preference year-round.

Does hot weather affect electric showers?

Hot weather affects electric showers since the incoming cold mains water supply can be warmer during summer. This increases your shower temperature, which could become unsafe if you don’t adjust the settings.

Most Mira electric showers have three power settings:

  • Low – the heating elements are switched off, so your shower runs at the same temperature as the incoming cold mains water supply.
  • Medium or Eco – only one heating element is used, which is helpful for those looking to limit their power and water consumption. This setting will heat the water to a comfortable showering temperature in summer.
  • High – both heating elements are switched on using the full power capacity of the shower. This will deliver a hot shower regardless of the season.

How to adjust your electric shower temperature

If your electric shower runs too hot in the summer, set it to a more comfortable level by turning the temperature dial anti-clockwise. You could also consider using the Medium or Eco power settings during the summer to save power and water. Alternatively, if your shower is not hot enough in winter, use the High power setting and turn the temperature dial clockwise to make it run hotter.

Always ensure the showerhead and hose are clear of obstructions or blockages when adjusting your electric shower. Limescale build-up in showerheads can restrict water flow, contributing to temperature issues, so learn how to descale your showerhead in our helpful guide.

How does flow rate affect the temperature in electric showers?

The temperature dial on electric showers alters the flow rate of the cold mains water passing through the tank. The slower the flow rate, the warmer the water because it has more time to heat as it passes over the elements. The faster the flow rate, the cooler the water because it has less time to heat as it passes over the elements.

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Mixer, digital and power showers

Mixerdigital and power showers work similarly, combining water from your hot and cold supplies to create the perfect temperature. This means they are also susceptible to seasonal temperature changes.

Are mixer showers affected by the weather?

If you have a mixer, digital or power shower supplied by the cold mains, it will be affected by the weather in the same ways electric models are (hotter in the summer, cooler in the winter).

How to adjust mixer shower temperatures

You can increase the water temperature from your heating system by adjusting the boiler or cylinder thermostat to a higher setting. Refer to your user manual and adjust the maximum temperature setting on the mixer control if required. We recommend that your boiler or hot water unvented cylinder is set to deliver water between 55-65˚C.

If you have a mixer shower or an all-in-one power shower supplied by a gravity-fed stored supply, you might need to increase the maximum temperature setting on the mixer control. Check the hot water cylinder is delivering between 55-65˚C.


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