Looking to replace your shower? Buy your shower direct from us and we'll install it for £75 with our hassle-free Supply & Fit replacement service.

Looking to replace your shower? Buy your shower direct from us and we'll install it for £75 when booking a Supply & Fit service.


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How to Choose the Best Electric Shower

Our Guide on Choosing Which Electric Shower to Buy

Monday 3rd August 2020

An electric shower is a great choice if you’re looking for energy efficiency, instant hot water and easy installation. Read on to discover the benefits of electric showers, the differences between electric showers and power showers, and how to choose the best electric shower for your home.

How does an electric shower work?

Electric showers work by taking water from your cold water supply and quickly heating it up using a built-in heating element – much like a kettle. Once the water gets to the right temperature, it is pushed through the showerhead.

Because they use water from your cold water supply, electric showers are suitable for all households, regardless of the water system in your home.


The benefits of an electric shower

Energy efficient and economical

Since electric showers only heat the water you’re going to use, they are more energy efficient and economical than some showers.

Quick and easy to install

While they should always be installed by a professional, they are relatively quick and easy to fit and they won’t usually require extra plumbing work, so long as your bathroom has a cold water supply.

Instant hot water

Electric showers generate their own hot water, so they’re ready to use as and when you need. You don’t have to worry about switching the hot water on half an hour before, or about running out of hot water. Plus, if your boiler breaks, you’ll still be able to have a hot shower.

Electric showers vs. power showers

There’s a common misconception that electric showers and power showers are the same thing, particularly because they often look alike, however there are key differences you should be aware of before making a decision on which to buy.

The two main differences are that power showers require water from both hot and cold water supplies, and that they then use a built-in pump to boost the pressure, which can have a big impact in households with low water pressure.

While electric showers are compatible with any bathroom and water system, power showers are only suitable if you have both a hot and cold water supply leading into your bathroom. Power showers are also incompatible with combi boilers (where water from the mains is heated by the boiler as and when it is needed) and pressurised systems (where your hot water tank is fed directly from the mains, rather than from a cold-water tank).

What is the best electric shower for me?

Once you’ve decided that an electric shower is right for you, it’s time to decide which electric shower to buy. The first step is to decide between a thermostatic or a manual model. A thermostatic pressure will maintain the temperature throughout your shower, so if someone flushes a toilet or runs a tap elsewhere in your house, you won’t be shocked by a sudden change in temperature.

The next step is to decide on the kilowatt (kW) rating of your shower, which translates to the power and pressure of the water. The kW rating of electric showers ranges from 7kW to 10.8kW, and generally the higher the rating, the more powerful your shower will be, with a greater flow of water at your desired temperature. Finally, electric showers are available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, so find a style to suit your bathroom and your taste.

How to install an electric shower

When it comes to installing an electric shower, you should always hire a professional to carry out the work as the shower needs to be connected to your mains electricity as well as your water supply.

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