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The Ultimate Guide to Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Everything you need to know about quadrant shower enclosures

  • Thursday 09 December 2021

If your bathroom is on the smaller side and you’re looking for a shower enclosure that fits neatly into the corner while maximising showering space, then a quadrant shower could be just what you’re looking for.

Quadrant shower enclosures fit perfectly into the corner of your bathroom and feature a stylish curved front that makes the most of the space you have available. They’re paired with either sliding doors or hinged doors, depending on your preference, and they’re the perfect addition to a contemporary bathroom.

Find out more about quadrant shower enclosures, including the main benefits, the sizes they’re available in and how to install them and the best models on the market.

Why choose a quadrant shower enclosure? 

  • They’re space saving 

A quadrant shower enclosure is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a corner option with maximised space. The curved front means that there is ample showering space without the cubicle taking up too much room. 

  • Soft and stylish design 

If you want a bathroom that feels softer and less angular, then this is the perfect option thanks to the curved front that replaces the straight, clean edges of square or rectangular enclosures. The stylish curve is a particularly attractive addition to a contemporary bathroom. 

  • Asymmetrical option 

If your bathroom layout isn’t entirely symmetrical – and few are – then with quadrant shower enclosures you have the added bonus of choosing an asymmetrical design. They’re available in both left and right-hand fitting options, so you can choose a style that works for your space. 

What size do quadrant showers come in? 

Quadrant showers come in a range of sizes, from 800x800mm at the smaller end of the spectrum to 1200x900mm at the larger end so you can find a size that fits in with your bathroom layout. Here are the different sizes available with Mira: 

  • 800x800mm 
  • 900x900mm 
  • 1000x800mm 
  • 1000x1000mm 
  • 1200x800mm 
  • 1200x900mm 

Find more information on shower tray sizes

Fitting a quadrant shower enclosure 

Installing a quadrant shower enclosure is a task that should usually be carried out by a professional installer to ensure the job is done well. However, if you’re a DIY expert with good knowledge, prior experience and the right tools, you may be able to do it yourself.  

Read our guide on how to fit a shower enclosure for step-by-step instructions to assist you. You’ll also find a list of the tools you need to help you fit your quadrant shower enclosure.

The best quadrant showers to buy 

We have three different ranges of quadrant shower enclosures, each with unique designs and features. Find out more about Mira Ascend, Mira Elevate and Mira Leap: 

Mira Ascend 

The Mira Ascend range of quadrant shower enclosures features 8mm thermally toughened safety glass for extra safety. This frameless design stands at 2m high, so it’s perfect combined with a low-profile shower tray or placed directly onto tiles. It has a single, easy-glide door with minimalist fixings for a clean, premium finish. Designed down to the last detail, it also features ergonomically designed handles, which are double sided for added flexibility. 

Mira Elevate 

The Mira Elevate range is ideal if easy maintenance is your priority. It features 6mm toughened safety glass and adjustable, double doors with twin handles for ease of use and quick release rollers at the bottom of the enclosure doors to make it easier to clean those hard-to-reach places.  

Mira Leap 

The Mira Leap range of quadrant showers is sleekly designed, with strong lines and neat surfaces that provide a stylish aesthetic both inside and outside. The hinges are super discreet, with no visible fixings or screwcaps for a clean and uncluttered look. Combine with Mira Leap Quadrant Doors for a complete quadrant enclosure. 

Discover the full range of Mira quadrant shower enclosures and find the perfect addition to your bathroom.