By Kerry Hale

What's Your Dream Bathroom Colour?

  • Thursday 25 July 2019
  • 5 minute read

It goes without saying that our homes are a reflection of our personalities. Every ornament we display or piece of wall art we put up is, in itself, a tiny representation of who we are – and that’s a wonderful thing. It’s exactly the reason why no two homes are ever the same.

However, things aren’t so straightforward once you’re confronted by a sea of swatches and colour charts while considering bathroom colour schemes. Even the most decisive of homeowners is likely to head home from the DIY store with six or seven samples in tow, potentially spanning half the colour spectrum. If you’re struggling to find bathroom colours that feel like ‘you’, we’re here to help. By breaking down some of your key personality traits and taste preferences, our test will assign you an on-trend tone that goes hand-in-hand with who you are.

Select one answer to each of the six questions below, adding up the scores as you go.

Question 1: Which is most beautiful to you?

  • The glow and roar of a city skyline after dark +8
  • Your favourite artworks, architecture, music and books +5
  • The changing colours of a woodland in spring or autumn +3
  • A clear blue summer’s day sky +1

Question 2: A great day is a day of…

  • Excitement and/or achievement +7
  • Humour and/or new experiences + 5
  • Friendliness and/or fulfillment +3
  • Sharing and/or harmony +1

Question 3: Which would you be least willing to give up at home?

  • Summer garden get-togethers +7
  • Move nights in your entertainment space +6
  • Serving friends a three-course feast at the dining table +3
  • Alone time in your reading corner or retreat space +2

Question 4: What’s playing through your speakers come bath time?

  • Tunes fit for the dancefloor +6
  • That hilarious new podcast that you can’t get enough of +4
  • Classical music +3
  • The soothing sounds of the ocean, wind or rainfall +2
  • Nothing; bath time is thinking time +0

Question 5: My friends and family are most likely to call me…

  • Bold and ambitious +7
  • Entertaining and open +5
  • Friendly and composed +3
  • Thoughtful and trustworthy +2

Question 6: If you could live anywhere in the world, you’d most likely be found…

  • In a chic penthouse, high above the city streets +9
  • In an urban townhouse, among bakeries and coffee shops +6
  • In a grand old mansion, overlooking a suburban park or green +5
  • On the edges of suburbia, close enough to the countryside +3
  • In a cottage or cabin, surrounded by spectacular scenery +2

8 – 14: Your colour is…

Calm, clean and minimal. You’re all about balance and neutrality, seeing more beauty in the little things than in the bold and the grand. Your quiet confidence means you’d prefer your home as your sanctuary, and PANTONE 11-0601 TPG will help you achieve just that.

15 – 21: Your colour is…

Warmth is one of your strongpoints, and you’re naturally drawn to ideas of wellbeing and healthy reflection. Your home expresses your positive outlook, yet remains neutral enough to be appealing to all. That makes PANTONE P 169-12 C an excellent choice for you.

22 – 29: Your colour is…

As an instinctively open person, you crave new experiences. Your desire to take in the world around extents to both the manmade and natural, which is why something punchy and earthy will feel at home in your bathroom. For this, we recommend PANTONE 16-0230 TPG.

29 – 34: Your colour is…

You’re all about the youth and culture. For you, your home is your personal playground – a place where joy and laughter never leave, and where self-expression is wholly encouraged. Apply your zest for life in your bathroom with PANTONE 19-2432 TPG.

35 - 39: Your colour is…

Outgoing and sociable, yours is a home that’s made to entertain. And when you do host, it’s no secret that you like to impress. Express your confident nature and desire to stand out from the crowd with something bold and unusual, opting for the rich PANTONE 19-3864 TPG in your bathroom.

40 – 44: Your colour is…

You’re always looking forward and rarely looking back. Naturally drawn to the bold, brave and pioneering, you’re not afraid to turn convention on its head in pursuit of a home that matches your get-up-and-go attitude. With modernity in mind, the near-black PANTONE 19-4007 TPG should suit you well.

Whatever your style and flavour, our quality collection of wall panels and shower trays will fit right into that bathroom of your dreams. With crisp and clean finishes, they’ll let your exciting new colour choice do the talking.

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