By Kerry Hale

The Pros And Cons Of Replacing Your Bath With A Shower

  • Sunday 09 May 2021
  • 5 minute read

If your bathroom is due a renovation or you’ve simply fallen out of love with your current setup, an important factor to consider is whether you want to keep the bathtub or replace it with a shower enclosure. As showers become more and more popular, and with an increasing number of models to choose from, many homeowners are making the decision to replace their bath with a shower, either to free up space, for easier accessibility or simply because they prefer the aesthetic.

Before making the leap and progressing with a bathtub to shower conversion, it’s a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons, which we’ve outlined below to help make your decision that much easier.

The benefits of replacing your bathtub with a shower

  • Reclaim floorspace

This of course depends on the type of shower tray you choose, but generally speaking, a shower will take up less floorspace in your bathroom than a bathtub. If extra floorspace is a priority for you, choose a compact design that will guarantee you that extra room.

  • Easier to get in and out

If you have reduced mobility or worry about slipping when getting in and out of the bath, a shower enclosure could make things easier. Stepping in and out of a shower can feel much safer than climbing in and out of a bath, so this replacement could give you extra peace of mind.


  • Showers use less water

The average shower uses less water than it takes to run a bath, especially if you're the type of bather who likes a quick and efficient shower or plunge in the tub. Of course, your current bathtub may have a shower over it too, but this is a factor to take into consideration if not.


  • Shower prices are affordable

If your old bathtub needs replacing regardless of whether it's with a new tub or a shower, then a new shower will generally be more affordable than a tub of the same quality. This is especially the case if you look at electric showers, mixer showers or power showers.

  • Stylish options

With a wide range of showers available, you’re sure to find one that perfectly suits your ideal bathroom décor scheme, whether that’s traditional, contemporary or even futuristic. A brand new digital shower is a particularly stylish option, especially if you want to equip your new bathroom with all the latest mod cons.


  • Showers are available in DIY-friendly options

Since many showers are easy to install all by yourself, without the need for professional help, the cost of fitting a shower cubicle can be lower than fitting a new bath. Browse our installation and user guides to view instructions for specific models.

The cons of replacing your bath with a shower

  • It could affect the value of your property

Replacing the bath in your main or only bathroom with a shower could affect the value of your home, though this isn’t always the case, and depends on how well-designed your shower room is.


  • It may reduce the number of interested buyers

Some buyers look specifically for homes with bathtubs, particularly families with children and even those that just enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub. This will depend largely on the demographic your home is most likely to appeal to, so bear this in mind when deciding whether or not to get rid of your bath.

  • It might mean extra remodelling

While generally a new shower will fit within the footprint of your existing bathtub, there are times when this isn’t the case and you may need to change the entire layout of your bathroom to make the new enclosure fit or look right in the room. This might require professional help or opinion, which could add to the cost of your project.


Ultimately, the most important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your bath with a shower are your own happiness and ensuring that your bathroom facilities meet your needs. If you know that you’re partial to a bath from time to time, it could be worth keeping the tub for those occasions, but if you dream of a spa-like showering experience in a spacious enclosure, then make your decision based on that.


Browse our full range of shower enclosures to find the ideal model for your bath-to-shower conversion project.

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