By Kerry Hale

Texture And Natural Finishes

    • Friday 05 August 2016
    • 4 minute read

    The theme for posts within this section will be focusing on the top interior trends highlighted in our Moment Masters panel discussions. This post focuses on the use of texture and natural finishes within the home. This trend is very much in opposition of the ‘sheen’ and clinical minimalism seen in the kitchen, as the use of texture creates personality within the bathroom.

    We have put together a list of the key aspects this trend features should you wish to implement it within your home.

    Material developments

    Interior design experts Trend Pulse state: “Material developments mean you can have products in the bathroom that previously might not have worked as they are now waterproof and hard wearing. It is no longer a scary place for delicate items.”

    The inclusion of beautiful and bespoke accessories is now possible for the bathroom with the introduction of new materials and finishes, ensuring that products are protected from changing temperatures within the room. Products which would have previously only been included within the living room are now redefining bathroom design. The inclusion of an armchair and even a sofa, depending on the space available, are becoming the norm as we want to spend more time relaxing in the room. If you want to create a statement piece, then the inclusion of a large chandelier will attract attention and illustrate that delicate products, stereotypically featured in other rooms within the home. These can now be placed in the bathroom and tie the design of the whole house together.


    One trend we have noticed is the change in the materials being found in the bathroom and the addition of a range of textures, which can instantly change the desired décor. The slate finish on the Mira Galena can speak volumes in any home with ultra-sleek design.

    The minimalist future

    A minimalist design is best when implementing this trend in the bathroom as the use of different materials can easily overpower the room. Subtle design markers such as the Mira Evolve Taps will help to demonstrate the beauty and simplicity of the materials. The Mira Evolve collection teams seamless construction with minimalist geometric style to create a stunning focal point for your bathroom. The inclusion of features such as floating storage cabinets can give the illusion of a larger space and make the room feel modern and contemporary.

    Spa-like technology

    Interior designer Richard Randall states: “Plant life within the room and spa-like bathrooms with technology is assisting the consumer to create the look that is going to be big in interior trends.”

    This trend can help you to create a bathroom that feels like a spa and become the place you want to spend time relaxing. The use of technology within the room can assist with the spa-like feeling. The Mira Platinum digital shower features a digital controller which puts it all at your fingertips - from precise heat and flow to pre-set like Eco mode, or max temparture for family-safe showering. For an enhanced spa-like experience, the innovative design of the Mira Platinum allows you to connect to your smart home so you can ask Alexa to warm up your shower.

    Do you like to include texture and natural finishes within the design of your home?
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