Mira Form

The most flexible mixer shower we’ve ever designed. Whether fitting a new or replacing an old mixer shower.

Mira Form Multi-Fit Mixer Shower

A true problem-solving mixer shower

A unique set of multi-fit design features enables Mira Form to retrofit 95% of concentric mixers in the market from 110–153 mm. No fuss. No worries. No problem.

The perfect cover up

Over-shroud valve design covers up all previous connections and fixing holes for a neat, snag-free finish.

The perfect fit

Unique telescopic deluge system allows up to 200 mm height adjustment. Perfect for dual outlet upgrades, whatever the height of the existing valve or ceiling.

Push-fit fittings fix directly into previous fixing holes, no grub screws, no problem.

Effortless, seamless upgrade

Choose from the single outlet model with the push button Mira Crisp handset, offering four unique spray experiences. Or the dual outlet, with a generous 250 mm deluge head for extra indulgence.

One mixer. Many forms.

Family friendly

Precise thermostatic control and a maximum temperature stop maintain a stable water temperature – meaning safer showering, for the whole family.

Easy fitting

With a unique set of multi-fit design features, Mira Form simply slots into place as if the previous mixer shower had never existed. No fuss. No worries. No problem.

Durable, high-quality materials

With a stainless steel backplate and quality chrome fittings, Mira Form is designed to ensure long-lasting style and showering performance.

Easy clean

With a smooth profile, anti-twist hose, and rub-clean nozzles, it’s never been easier to keep your Mira shower in pristine condition.

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