Boosts energy performance

Saves up to 40%* energy

 Lowers energy bills

Delivers consistent year-round performance

Boosts energy performance

In an average UK house, showering accounts for up to 50-75% of generated hot water energy consumption. 90% of the energy required to heat showering water goes down the drain. Using recovered energy from a WWHRS, the revolutionary Mira Heatloop™ technology adjusts the power required to run the shower by up to 40%*.

SAP application pending. Be the first to hear when Mira Heatloop™  is SAP registered.

Save energy vs other electric showers by 40%*

See how our Heatloop™ technology adjusts to incoming water conditions to reduce the energy required to heat an electric shower.

Helping to reduce the cost of each and every shower

By reusing energy from the WWHRS, our Heatloop™ technology facilitates reduced energy consumption, delivering savings of up to £135 a year on household energy bills.

Why choose Recoup WWHRS?

Waste water heat recovery experts Recoup have a range of WWHRS products. As a primary demand reduction technology, WWHRS support Part L compliance.

Sustainable innovation

We’ve been leaders in sustainable innovation for over 100 years. All our new products are developed with sustainability in mind – such as integrating new technologies that use less water and energy. Find out more in our ESG Report.

Designed for new build and retrofit installations

Mira Advance Heatloop™

Designed to support UK social housing decarbonisation, Mira Advance Heatloop™ delivers consistent, year-round performance and ultra-low energy consumption. Suitable for retrofit and new build social housing projects. 

Available now.

Mira Vista Heatloop™

Reduce energy usage and enhance performance in new build projects with Mira Vista Heatloop™. The ultimate choice for today’s energy-efficient homes – engineered to cut energy demand by up to 40%*.

Coming soon.

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