Mira Platinum Ceiling Fed - Low Pressure

Smart showering. Redifined and Reimagined

PRODUCT NO: 1.1981.010

Ultimate control at your fingertips

Mira Platinum digital showers feature our smartest, most precise shower technology. Fine tune your perfect flow and temperature – either with the wireless LED controller or through the Mira Showers App. For a truly personalised shower experience – whatever your mood.

Turn showering on its head

Mira Platinum comes with our Mira 360 showerhead, featuring Mira Flipstream™ technology. Choose from four unique spray experiences, with one simple finger-flip action.

Smarter shower experience

The Mira Showers App is the perfect companion, for the perfect shower. Run a warm wake-up shower from the comfort of your bed. Create customised experiences, ready at the touch of a button. And even control your shower with your voice.

Save water. And money.

See how long your shower lasts and how much water you’re using, with precise usage tracking.

Ideal digital upgrade

The perfect replacement for your existing Mira digital shower.

Replace your shower

Let us find a perfect shower replacement and install it for you – just tell us your existing model.

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