Mira Jump Multi-Fit (9.5kW) Electric Shower

Designed to replace any existing electric shower and deliver consistent performance

PRODUCT NO: 1.1788.011

Multi-fit. Mega-simple.

Mira Jump Multi-Fit is the ultimate in flexible fitting – designed to replace any existing electric shower. With no compromise in style or showering performance.

Built to last.

Mira Clearscale technology reduces the build-up of limescale by up to 50%. It means a longer lasting and better performing shower, as well as minimal cleaning.

Simple and water saving

Mira Jump has a push-button on/off for ease of use and separate temperature and flow dials – including an eco setting to save water and energy.

Ultimate flexibility

Multiple cable and water entry points make it the ideal shower for replacing an existing electric shower.

Seamless upgrade

Mira electric showers are designed for easy replacement – so you can double the pleasure with two showerheads.

Replace your shower

Let us find a perfect shower replacement and install it for you – just tell us your existing model.

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