Mira Sport Manual (7.5 kW) Electric Shower

Discover Mira Sport Manual 7.5 kW, one of the UK’s top-selling electric showers, & enjoy powerful performance. Featuring a new shower head & a modern design.

PRODUCT NO: 1.1746.820

Re-energise. Refresh. Renew.

Enjoy long-lasting, powerful performance – from one of the UK’s bestselling electric showers. Featuring a brand-new showerhead and a fresh, contemporary design.

Unique spray experiences

Flip between four new spray modes on the 120 mm handset – ranging from a gentle mist to a focused blast.

Shower, safer

Mira Sensi-flo™ technology monitors your shower’s water flow rate to detect blockages in the hose or shower head – automatically shutting off the heating element to help prevent scalding from surges. So you can enjoy safer showering.

Shower on demand

The simple, push-button on/off offers quick and easy operation, while allowing you to keep your preferred power and temperature settings ready to go for your next shower.

A seamless switch

Thanks to the adjustable slide bar, it’s easy to cover fixing holes in walls or tiles from previous fittings – so you can upgrade to powerful Mira electric shower performance without compromising the look of your bathroom.

Replace your shower

Let us find a perfect shower replacement and install it for you – just tell us your existing model.

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