Mira Assist Flex Exposed Mixer Shower

Mira Assist. Caring by Design. The Mira Assist Flex is a stylish mixer shower with an enhanced fittings kit, to support those with reduced dexterity.

PRODUCT NO: 3.1900.090

Accessible style

With innovative accessible features, Mira mixer showers make your shower experience simpler and more luxurious. For confident independent living and perfect performance every time.

Greater coverage

Mira mixer showers feature a powerful showerhead for a delightful showering experience. And its rub-clean nozzles make it easy to enjoy consistent performance.

Safer showering

Mira Cool Shield technology keeps all your touchpoints nice and cool while showering. For extra peace of mind for the whole family.

Accessible controls

Ergonomic lever handles and easy-to-grip assistive controls let you adjust your shower more easily – to create the perfect experience every time.

Replace your shower

Let us find a perfect shower replacement and install it for you – just tell us your existing model.

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