Mira Form Exposed Mixer Shower

A unique set of Multi-Fit design features enables Mira Form to retrofit 95% of concentric mixers in the market from 110-153mm. No Fuss. No worries. No problem.


Perfect finish

Mira Form showers sport an innovative valve shroud design that covers up all connections and previous fixing holes. For a perfectly seamless retrofit.

Unique spray experiences

Four unique different spray modes give you a delightful showering experience, whatever your mood. And its rub-clean nozzles make it easy to enjoy consistent performance.

Safer showering

Mira Cool Shield technology keeps all your touchpoints nice and cool while showering. For extra peace of mind for the whole family.

Savvy storage

The clever valve design provides a flat surface with ample room for soaps and shampoos. Perfect for a clutter-free shower space.

Seamless upgrade

Its unique multi-fit design has adjustable inlet connections, to replace almost any mixer shower using the existing pipework.

No mess. No hassle.

The 660mm, flexi-fit slide bar makes it a breeze to retrofit most mixers – without having to drill new fixing holes.

Replace your shower

Let us find a perfect shower replacement and install it for you – just tell us your existing model.

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