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Features and Benefits
  • Add domestic twin impeller inlet shower pump to your Mira mixer shower for a more powerful showering experience. The pump simultaneously boosts hot and cold supplies. 2.0 bar option.

  • Boosts flow

    Generates flow rate of up to 32 litres per minute and includes integral flow switch for automatic operation.

  • For domestic showers the 2.0 bar Twin Ended Pump to boost hot and cold supplies.

  • Installation Information

    • 4x 190mm braided flexible connectors each featuring push-fit connectors
    • Integral isolators included on 2x inlet hoses
    • Anti-vibration mounting feet supplied to reduce noise transmission
  • Supply Conditions (hot and cold)

    • Minimum inlet pressure: 0.05 bar (0.5 metre head)
    • Maximum static pressure: 1.0 bar (10 metre head)
    • Maximum Water Temperature: 65°C
  • Benefits for your customer

    Quiet motor rated for 30 minutes on/30 minutes off

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  • Installation & User Guide

    Your Mira Product Installation and User Guide will include all the relevant product information on how install and use your product. You will also find information on the product's guarantee and customer service details.