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Power showers

Features and Benefits
  • For a power shower that delivers instant invigoration, even at low pressure, choose Mira Go Power Manual.

  • Greater control

    Separate flow and temperature controls help you fine tune your perfect shower.

  • Greater coverage

    4 spray showerhead with rub-clean nozzles for easy cleaning.

  • Low pressure solution

    Ideal for homes with a low water pressure system and plentiful supply of hot water.

  • Affordable for your customer and easy to install.

  • Temperature Control

    • Control type: Manual
    • Phased shutdown
    • Factory set to safe max temperature
  • Installation Information

    • Water & Cable entry points: Left (rising, falling & rear)
    • Inlet connection: 15mm dual entry push fit
    • Outlet connections: 1/2" BSP male
    • Supply Voltage: 230v + 10%
    • Supply rating: 3 amp
    • Terminal block connections: Maximum 2.5mm²
    • Cistern: Minimum 230 litres
  • Supply Conditions (hot and cold)

    • Cold water range: Up to 25°C
    • Hot water range: 55°C-65°C
    • Minimum maintained pressure: 0.008 bar (80mm head)
    • Maximum maintained pressure: 0.5 bar (5 meter head)
    • Maximum static pressure: 1.0 bar (10 metre head)
  • Shower Performance

    • Flow rate: Up to 14 litres per minute
    • Temperature stability: + 6°C
    • 5 spray 9 cm showerhead with rub clean nozzles
  • Easy to fit & Maintain

    • No need to prime
    • Removable filters
    • Removable check valves
  • Benefits for your customer

    • Separate temperature and flow controls
    • Five spray showerhead
  • View the installation and user guide, fittings guide and line drawings across our power showers range.

  • Installation & User Guide

    Your Mira Product Installation and User Guide will include all the relevant product information on how install and use your product. You will also find information on the product's guarantee and customer service details.

  • Shower Fittings User Guide

    This information guide is specific to the shower fittings used with the Mira Shower purchased. Providing installation support for the showerhead and the fittings kit.

  • Dimensional Line Drawing

    The line drawing will provide dimensional sizes for the Mira Shower product selected.

  • Spares Guide

    Looking for a spare part for your shower? View this guide to identify the part required.

Invigorating flow

Boost your showering experience. With its integral pump which increases the water flow, your Mira Go Power Manual will provide you with a sensational showering performance, even on a low pressure water system. Feel the difference.