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Mira Go PowerManual

  • 1
    Year warranty
  • Low Pressure Gravity Fed

Instant invigoration. Ideal for a low pressure water system.

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Greater control

Separate flow and temperature controls help you fine tune your perfect shower.

Greater coverage

4 spray showerhead with rub-clean nozzles for easy cleaning.

Low pressure solution

Ideal for homes with a low water pressure system and plentiful supply of hot water.


Temperature Control
  • Control type: Manual
  • Phased shutdown
  • Factory set to safe max temperature
Installation Information
  • Water & Cable entry points: Left (rising, falling & rear)
  • Inlet connection: 15mm dual entry push fit
  • Outlet connections: 1/2" BSP male
  • Supply Voltage: 230v + 10%
  • Supply rating: 3 amp
  • Terminal block connections: Maximum 2.5mm²
  • Cistern: Minimum 230 litres
Supply Conditions (hot and cold)
  • Cold water range: Up to 25°C
  • Hot water range: 55°C-65°C
  • Minimum maintained pressure: 0.008 bar (80mm head)
  • Maximum maintained pressure: 0.5 bar (5 meter head)
  • Maximum static pressure: 1.0 bar (10 metre head)
Shower Performance
  • Flow rate: Up to 14 litres per minute
  • Temperature stability: + 6°C
Easy to fit & Maintain
  • No need to prime
  • Removable filters
  • Removable check valves
Benefits for your customer
  • Separate temperature and flow controls
  • Four spray showerhead
Invigorating flow

Boost your showering experience. With its integral pump which increases the water flow, your Mira Go Power Manual will provide you with a sensational showering performance, even on a low pressure water system. Feel the difference.