Better environment

We are committed to incorporating sustainability throughout our entire business in order to improve the environment for everyone.

Reducing resources

We’re helping to build a better planet through our target of reducing resources usage by 3% a year. Our sustainable actions include adopting 100% renewable electricity by 2035, achieving net zero scope 1 and 2 emissions, as well as reducing and recycling waste generated and water waste.

Efficient water use

Using water is a fundamental part of how we test the quality of our products. But thanks to a new recirculation process, the test lab at our Cheltenham HQ has achieved a 98% efficiency rate – vastly reducing our water usage, without compromising our comprehensive testing process.

National Distribution Centre

Following the opening of our multimillion-pound National Distribution Centre, we’re pleased to announce that the facility is now officially carbon neutral.

Waste and pollution

We’ve eliminated all waste-to-landfill at our Hull facility, and the majority at our Cheltenham HQ – with most bio-based waste going to energy production, and most recyclable materials going to recycling sites. We also track all waste flows for our business – from where waste goes, to who collects it.

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Better workplace

By fostering a fair and respectful workplace, each and every one of our employees can achieve their full potential.

Better lives

From sustainable innovation to how we engage with our communities, providing better lives for everyone is at the heart of our sustainability objectives.

Better community

We recognise the positive impact we can have on our local community and are focused on improving the lives of those around us.

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