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Design & Manufacturing

About Us

Stuart Banham

Senior Staff Designer

"Our Industrial Design (ID) department designs for all three of our brands working closely with New Product Development (NPD) and Marketing. They sketch, model and prototype how a product will look and function before testing with our customers – all to refine their designs and produce a final product that optimises performance, value and appearance."



For us, it's all about designing the ultimate showering experience by controlling the water from the instant that it enters our product to the point that it touches the end user. We control every aspect including the speed, temperature and the feel of the water in pursuit of perfection. In order to achieve this we use the latest technology to simulate the flow of the water throughout every part of the product and to ultimately maximise the impact to the end user.


We don't cut corners on quality, striving to buy the best materials to meet our high standards. Making the right sourcing decision is about working with trusted partners who value quality, reliability, technical capability, sustainability and diversity just as much as we do. They're not simply people we buy things from but extended associates.



As a manufacturing team our common goal is sustaining and evolving our manufacturing operation in the UK. At the heart of this is our desire to continuously improve so that we remain a global centre of excellence for shower manufacturing. This can only be achieve through our cross functional collaboration which ensures that each new product is rigorously designed to ease manufacturing capacity. Our assembly and test processes are state of the art.


Innovation runs through everything we do. Not just through our products but innovation in our design and manufacturing processes too. We have over 70 patents registered and we continue with applications ensuring we protect our work. Our manufacturing lines have moved forward significantly improving productivity through a lean approach and dedicated teams supporting and ensuring quality throughout. It's this creative culture where passionate individuals work together to make the everyday extraordinary.