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Mira and Whale

A winning combination

Case Studies

Name: Verney House

Location: Westminster

Size: Multi-storey building

Activity: Social Housing – Wetroom


  • Current conventional gravity-fed drainage system not suitable for current usage
  • Minimal structural changes
  • Short deadline for completion



  • A winning combination especially for installing or refitting wet-room style bathrooms
  • When the shower is in use, the integrated sensors ensure the pump can drain the water as fast as the shower's flow rate
  • The pump continues working even when the shower is turned off at a slower rate, to ensure all water is safely drained away from the floor after showering
  • The Mira Advance Flex range is endorsed by the Royal National Institute for the Blind because it's safe and easy to use for people who are visually or physically impaired

Working together

Westminster City Council has a long-standing partnership with EffectAble – specialists in adapting homes to make them accessible to the elderly and less able. At the multi-storey Verney House, where a conventional gravity-fed drainage system just wouldn't work for a wet-room design, there was only once choice: a unique wireless shower and pump combination, developed by Mira Showers and Whale.

The Mira Advance Flex Extra shower and Whale Instant Match Wireless pump combination was the perfect solution, offering the efficient drainage needed. As the shower and pump are connected wirelessly, there was no need to fit connecting cables or flow sensors in the walls – so the installation avoided structural changes to the apartment. Instead, the pump is simply located within 5m of the shower, in the most convenient and discreet part of the bathroom. It's not only an incredibly neat solution; it also makes installation fast and simple. In fact, it took just three weeks to refit the entire apartment from start to finish – including fitting an adapted kitchen.


"We use the best products on the market to deliver the most reliable solution for the long term"

John Range, Managing Director of EffectAble.
  • Cheshire Housing Trust


    Chooses Mira