By Kerry Hale

Mira Aspects Collection Design Story

  • Tuesday 30 August 2016
  • 6 minute read

At Mira Showers, we have dedicated teams who are committed to New Product Development and the design of all our products. To give you an insight into our Red Dot Award accredited Mira Aspects tap collection, this post will be focusing on the design of the whole range:

Combining on-trend designs with technological excellence, our Mira Aspects Collection made waves with its seven distinct and unique designs. Our design story explores the concept and creation behind each tap design and will help you to choose the tap which best suits your bathroom style.

Creating the Mira Aspects Collection

The Mira Aspects Collection is design and innovation led, backed-up by a great deal of research into what our customers and installers wanted to see. It was inspired by the designs and features of previous Mira Showers collections to create the perfect range.

In creating our seven seamless concepts, we gave a lot of thought into how these taps would be installed. We used a manufacturing process which makes for a noticeably higher quality finish, and the best quality components to ensure ease of fitting and maintenance.


Concept: A truly unique concept, the Mira Fluency range combines fluid beauty with geometric precision and ergonomic ease of use to deliver a beautifully contemporary look. The sleek oval lever has been designed to complement the body and moves with a light and smooth action, making it effortless to use.

Creation: The Mira Fluency range was created as a contemporary product that will bring an iconic touch to anyone’s bathroom. With a lever that hovers above the spout, the Mira Fluency taps were designed with ease of control and precision in mind.


Concept: With a pure cubist design at its heart, the Mira Honesty range combines hard angles with softened corners to create a tap with a seamless contemporary finish which is appropriate for family use. It is not just striking angles that make the Mira Honesty stand out – the spot gradually narrows towards the body to add a touch of classic refinement to its distinctive look.

Creation: With an emphasis on mirrored surfaces the quality of the finish was crucial in the creation of Mira Honesty. Aiding in this seamless finish is the integrated flow straightener, hidden within the spout. Not only does this look far sleeker, but it allows for easier cleaning and maintenance.


Concept: The Mira Comfort range takes an already renowned design and brings it right up to date with its sleek looks, robust construction and ease of use. The fluid chrome styling, meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality all make this familiar design a real favourite for many who’re looking for an eye-catching tap that will fit any style of bathroom.

Creation: Soft design and fluidity make the Mira Comfort an ideal choice for anyone looking for modern and simple beauty. Details such as the underside of the lever, moulded perfectly to fit your hand, further support this user focused, ease of use approach.


Concept: With the Mira Evolve range, pure geometric style takes on an exciting contemporary twist. Simple to use, the body and spout have a subtle and sophisticated fluidity that brings a visually stunning, yet neat and simple look to any bathroom. And, with its seamless construction, it is truly revolutionary amongst taps.

Creation: The Mira Evolve is designed for those looking for a touch of minimalism. With its de-cluttered, simplified design it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for a chic and timeless look. At Mira Showers, we have gone to great lengths to develop the mechanics inside the lever so that when you use it, the lever pivots clear of the tap body. Uniquely, the flow straightener is integrated into the spout, delivering both a novel and concentrated blade of water.


Concept: With the Mira Revive, timeless sophistication meets a cutting edge design. Featuring striking curves and classical charm it is as fitting in a period style property as in any modern contemporary home. Overall, the chic form and tactile aesthetic of this beautiful range is certain to add a touch of class to your bathroom, no matter the style.

Creation: This modern classic inspired design has a generously proportioned handle that has been engineered to feel great in the hand. With a comfortable feel and operation the Mira Revive proves that the traditional styles are often the best.


Concept: The Mira Virtue range boasts refined features that are perfect for bathrooms with a more traditional look. With authentic Victorian features such as crosshead blade handles and ceramic glazed markers for both hot and cold water, the Mira Virtue not only looks good and feels great, but it also brings a genuine sense of time-honoured style to the 21st century.

Creation: Traditionally inspired, the Mira Virtue range cleverly interprets some of the detailing of Victorian designs, while bringing it into the modern day. In creating this range it was really important to maintain that authenticity, while bringing about modern values of comfort, indulgence and symmetry.


Concept: In its tall and elegant form, the Mira Precision brings a distinctive new dimension to the realm of bathroom taps. Precise alignment of the body and lever and the combination of the ultra-smooth surface, crisp edges, curved sides and compact shape make this head-turning design beautiful from any angle – the perfect fit in any contemporary bathroom.

Creation: This new and striking design is made for those looking for perfection in symmetry and alignment. Flawlessly mirroring one another the spout and lever depend entirely on the accurate processes in manufacturing and finishing we pride ourselves on.

Are you looking for a new tap design to smarten up your bathroom? Take a closer look at the Aspects Collection.

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