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Mira Showers Discusses The Aspects Tap Range

  • Friday 05 August 2016
  • 4 minute read

A seamless design in the bathroom continues to be a big focus when updating or renovating a bathroom. Mira Showers developed the Mira Aspects tap range which looks great paired with any of our existing products.

To find out all about this stylish range, we sat down with our Product Development Manager for the Mira Aspects tap range.

Tell us about your day to day role?

I am responsible for the day to day management of the Mira Aspects tap range. This means that I am involved in shaping our strategy and direction to ensure that we are constantly moving forwards and are always working closely with the Channel, Design and Engineering teams to continue to develop innovative products. At Mira Showers, we want to ensure that our taps have real consumer and installer benefits that differentiate our range from our competitors. To bring the new range to the marketplace, this required the team at Mira Showers to define new opportunities for our products, carry out research on existing ranges and meet with customers and end-consumers to understand what they want from the taps they purchased.

How many different styles are there in the Mira Aspects tap range?

There are seven different styles within the Mira Aspects tap range to match a wide variety of different bathroom designs. Six of these styles in the range includes five different products; the monobloc, basin pillar taps, bath pillar taps, bath filler and bath shower mixer. The diversity within our range means that whether you are replacing your existing pillar taps or re-doing your whole bathroom, we have the design and product specification to meet your individual needs.

Can you tell us about the product development that led to the Mira Aspects tap range?

The product development for the Mira Aspects tap range was design and innovation led and backed-up by considerable in-depth consumer and installer research.  We viewed over a 100 competitor products and looked at their design and features to ensure we created the perfect range with the ideal balance between the two. Our consumer research led us to select seven different styles that ranged from heritage to cubist. To find out more about the product development, watch the Mira Aspects tap range production story from our Industrial Design Director, Simon Browning, in the Aspects Collection video.

What are the benefits of the Mira Aspects tap range?

Our range has numerous benefits to both the consumer and installer. One of the most important benefits is that there is a style for all preferences. Whether you are looking for a heritage style tap or something modern and minimalist we will have your ideal design with our seven styles. Each product within the Mira Aspects taps range works on all systems and pressures as well as integrated push button diverters. This feature gives a clean and seamless look when you are diverting the tap from filling the bath to using the showerhead on a bath/shower mixer. In addition to the Mira Aspects tap range being aesthetically pleasing, it also features integrated aerators in all the products making cleaning simple and easy, while the ‘rapid fix’ installation clamp makes the installation process of all of our monobloc taps effortless.

Do I need to style match my taps to my shower?

It is very common for consumers to want to match the style of their taps to their shower to ensure their bathroom looks seamless in its design. The team at Mira Showers has expert advice on how to match the style of your taps to your Mira Shower; the traditional design of the Mira Virtue taps perfectly complements the Mira Realm. The modern Mira Evolve taps match the Mira Minimal range due to the minimalist and clean look they both have, while the cubist lines which can be seen in the Mira Honesty design looks great with Mira Azora electric shower.

Where can I buy the Mira Aspects tap range?

You can purchase the Mira Aspects tap range directly from our online store.


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