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Mira Mixers Explained

  • Monday 04 September 2017
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With so many styles to choose from in our mixer range, it can be a little daunting and you may be wondering what the difference is for example between a Mira Realm ERD and a Mira Evoco. Or perhaps whether a Mira Coda Pro EV would suit your contemporary bathroom. To help you choose your next Mira mixer shower, we have put together a guide so you can find the perfect shower that not only suits your bathroom style, but also your needs.

Expertly engineered with a highly polished chrome finish, our Mira mixer showers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This popular type of shower combines hot and cold water to reach the desired temperature. Many of our Mira mixer showers feature our patented Mira Magni-flo technology which guarantees great performance even at low pressure.

Brand New Bathrooms

If you are looking to completely refurbish your bathroom, or are having a brand new one built, then the Mira Minimal & Evoco ranges are perfect with their unique quick fix, behind tile installation. They are also suitable for all plumbing systems, providing your hot and cold water pressures are nominally equal.

The Mira Minimal is an EV (or Expose Variable) which means the finished pipe work sits outside of the wall and tile surface, and the shower sits on top of the pipe work, flush with the wall surface. The Mira Minimal EV keeps things nice and simple with just one control for on/off and temperature.

If you are looking for something minimalistic, why not go for a BIV – or Built-In Variable version – such as the Mira Evoco Dual. With built-in mixer showers the pipe work will be hidden, and the main body of the valve will be inside your wall. This will leave just the control dials visible. A concealing plate is then used to cover the installation, providing a contemporary, smart, clean look. The Mira Evoco Dual comes with a fixed deluge head providing a stylish, minimalistic look, perfect for a new bathroom, as well as a slide rail, hose and handheld showerhead.

Family Bathrooms

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, the Mira Excel EV is a great option for all the family with its thermostatic control. It also includes a temperature dial with added maximum temperature stop for increased safety and a separate flow control lever. With its slight adjustment, the Mira Excel EV can replace an existing exposed mixer shower with pipe centres between 150-155mm making it the perfect replacement option. It can also accommodate reversed supplies and is an installer favourite.

If you are looking for a shower and bath solution, why not try our Mira Excel BSM?! This Bath Shower Mixer is perfect for keeping showering and bathing safe for all the family with its thermostatic temperature stability and combines a bath fill and shower in one.

En-suite Bathrooms

With minimal room, you need something compact and our new Mira Minilite range may be small, but with Mira Magni-flo technology it delivers up to 3 times more flow than similar mixer showers, even at low pressure. Available as Exposed Variable, Built-in Variable and Built-In Rigid options, there is the perfect configuration for all new installations but be sure to check with your installer if looking to replace an existing shower as your plumbing may need to be altered first.

Another great option is the Mira Coda Pro EV which combines quality, reliability and performance with great value for money and its easy to fit features make it a hit with installers. The compact Bar Valve features Cool Shield™ technology which ensures the valve doesn't get hot during showering – perfect for confined spaces.

Wet Room Adaptations

Independent showering is extremely important and the Mira Advance Flex is a great option for safe, efficient and flexible showering. With its thermostatic control, easy to use levers, audio enhancements when turning the unit on and off, and highly visible graphics, it not only looks great but provides added safety to your showering experience. The fittings kit comes with a 2m anti-twist hose for increased flexibility and an extra-long slide bar with friction clamp bracket for easy height adjustment. The shower is suitable for all plumbing systems, providing your pressures are nominally equal.

Contemporary Bathrooms

For those who love all things modern, the Mira Atom ERD - or Exposed Rigid with Diverter – is stylish and easy to fit. With its deluge head and separate hand showerhead, the Mira Atom ERD offers intuitive design and great performance at an affordable price. It's integrated diverter allows you to easily divert between the deluge head and handheld showerhead.

The Mira Atom ERD is a great option if you are upgrading your old exposed shower with its adjustable pipe centres, but we recommend you check with your installer before purchasing, as bar valves are not suitable for reversed supplies.

If you’re after spa like shower with just a large deluge overhead then our Exposed Rigid options offer that luxurious experience. The Mira Miniluxe ER features a large 18.5cm deluge overhead and rigid riser bar making a real statement and is one of the best performing vertical valves on the market.

If you are creating a classic look the Mira Realm ERD offers traditional styling with modern showering technology and great performance. Traditional doesn’t mean old-fashioned, and with its unique fittings, Mira Realm will give your bathroom added character. Plus, this clever mixer allows you to switch between the large deluge head and handheld head or have both heads on at once, even at low pressure. See our tops tips on how to create a traditional bathroom in our Traditional vs. Contemporary post.

We hope you found this information useful. With all installations, whether brand new bathrooms or upgrading your old shower, we would recommend you consult your installer first. Should you need any more information on the showers featured here or mixer showers in general, water systems or technical advice, please contact our Customer Services team.

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