By Kerry Hale

Two Heads Are Better Than One With Mira Showers Dual Outlet Showering

  • Thursday 23 December 2021
  • 4 minute read

There’s no better feeling that stepping into a refreshing shower, drenching yourself in a powerful deluge to wash away the day. Now imagine having the choice between an overhead shower and a multi-spray handshower, to complete your perfect showering experience.

For over 100 years we have innovated, introducing stylish and easy fitting showers to suit all bathrooms and with our latest technology gone are the days of electric showers just having one handset. Like a dual outlet mixer shower, you can now indulge under a deluge overhead as well as choosing from a selection of handset sprays. And with Mira mixer showers, you can even have both shower heads on at the same time. Pure indulgence.

Mira Showers dual outlet electrics

Not only can you now enjoy a choice of showering with double shower heads, with Mira showers showering is always safe. Choose the Mira Azora Dual with thermostatic technology that maintains a constant set temperature and Mira SensiFlo technology that protects you against sudden surges of hot water if there is ever a blockage in your showerhead or hose that suddenly clears. And as well as looking after your family, you can look after the planet with the Azora’s eco function.

Worried about unsightly holes when upgrading your shower? Then choose the Mira Sprint Dual. Multiple cable and water entry points make this the ideal shower for upgrading an existing electric shower to a dual headed one. Thanks to the adjustable arm, you can position the overhead in the space that suits you, to ensure a perfect fit.

All of the Mira dual outlet electric showers also come with Mira Clearscale technology, meaning, by reducing limescale build up, your shower will last up to 50% longer than a standard choice.

Mira Showers dual outlet mixers

With the power of Mira Magni-flo technology, you can bring the spa home and enjoy ultimate luxury in dual outlet showering. The patented technology optimises the internal valve waterways, enabling Mira mixer showers to deliver up to three times more flow than other mixer showers – even at low pressure, enabling both showerheads to work at the same time.

Explore the Mira Showers dual mixers range, where you’ll not only find a range of styles to suit any bathroom, but you’ll also find the all-new Mira Opero, complete with clever Mira HydroGlo technology. Without the need for any wiring or batteries, the Mira Opero shower valve lights up once it’s reached your set temperature. No more dipping a cold toe in the water or getting your sleeve wet to check if your shower is warm. Not only does this shower come with a large 250mm overhead, you’re sure to find one that suits your style as into not only does Mira Opero come in chrome, you can also choose from matt black or brushed nickel. Find out more here.

Traditional heritage your style? Then check out the dual outlet Mira Realm. With a 210mm deluge overhead, a traditional 90mm showerhead and with features including an authentic ceramic temperature marker, the Mira Realm perfectly complements a traditional bathroom.

Or is a more contemporary shower more your style? If so, then the Mira Honesty is for you. With perfectly square features, you can easily divert between the 250mm deluge overhead and large 110mm handheld shower. Sleek and stylish, you can find out more here.

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