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A fair share of space in a shared bathroom

  • Wednesday 21 June 2017

Very few of us are lucky enough to have a bathroom all to ourselves. More often than not, you’re clambering for space with your partner, your parents, your siblings, your kids or your flatmates. Add limited shelf space into the equation and you’re left with a bathroom experience that is the opposition of the haven of peace that we all aspire to. Fear not, however, as we’ve asked two bloggers with first-hand experience of making the most of a shared bathroom to offer their tips on creating extra storage space.

“Sharing a bathroom can be challenging when it comes to storing all your toiletries. I was in danger of storing mine on the windowsill, which is my pet hate. So, I was in need of some storage solutions…”


Use a ladder for storing your towels. It can fit in even the smallest of bathrooms, just prop it against the wall and you can fit as many towels as the steps allow.

Free-standing shelves

These are a good idea if you’re living in rented accommodation and don’t want to ruin your walls – or if you aren't that confident with a drill. Add baskets and toiletry bags to make it look pretty and interesting.


Adding furniture into your bathroom is a cool way of keeping everything tidy. I bought an old G-Plan unit and painted it white. It didn’t have any shelves (which is probably why it was cheap), so I added a wire basket to create two shelves, and the bottom cupboard there is perfect for things that you don’t want on display.

Small bathrooms

There are other things that you can do, if you are limited for space.  Adding floating shelves above your toilet would make an impact. Experiment with clear acrylic boxes or wicker baskets, and add some pretty bottles and perhaps a plant. Alternatively, get a trolley on wheels to store your items. Each member of the family could have their own shelf and you can simply roll it away into another room when you have guests.

Happy Love Rosie

Furniture Units are a great way of keeping everything tidy

Wire Baskets - Happy Love Rosie

“I absolutely hate clutter in all areas of my house, especially the bathroom. With products on the edges of the bath and shower and all around the sink, it can soon start to look messy. Here are my five simple storage solutions that are perfect for a shared bathroom.”

Over the door bathroom caddy
The door is often an overlooked solution for storage. Make the most of this unused space with a bathroom caddy that hooks over it – eliminating the need for DIY. Everyone can have their own section of the caddy too, so there’s no arguments over who’s using it.

Slim bathroom cupboards
Make the most of the narrow spaces next to the sink or toilet by investing in a slim and tall bathroom cabinet. Again, you can give each person who uses the bathroom their own shelf inside. This is especially perfect if your shared bathroom is quite small. A corner cabinet is also a great use of space.

A mirrored bathroom cabinet
This is an oldie but a goodie. A mirrored bathroom cabinet above the sink plays two parts in a shared bathroom – a mirror for doing your make-up and a storage cabinet for all your lotions and potions. A teeny tiny bit retro but handy all the same.

Multiple shelve shower caddy

A lot of shampoos and shower gels can soon fill up the shower if you’re sharing a bathroom. Ideally, it’d be great to share products with your housemates and take it in turns to buy them but, of course, not everyone likes the same things. These corner caddies come with three or four ‘baskets’, ideal for shampoo, face wash and shower gel.

Under the sink storage

If you live in a rented house, you’re unlikely to be modifying the bathroom suite at all, but if you own your house then you can pick a clever sink with a storage cupboard underneath. Although these work out a little larger than your average bathroom sink, they’re a space saver in the long run as you can fit plenty of your products plus your cleaning products here.


Time, money and space saving

It’s easier than you’d think to create extra space in a small or shared bathroom, even without drilling into walls or excessive DIY. Check out the range of space-saving accessories from Mira and if you’re still struggling to fit everything in, read Mira's advice on how to make the most of a small bathroom. If you’ve had success using our tips or have your own tips to share, let us know all about it on Facebook or Twitter.