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Does Your Bathroom Spark Joy? How to Declutter Your Space

Marie Kondo your bathroom

  • Friday 16 August 2019

Few things feel better than clearing out your space. A little tidy, clutter-removal and organisation can completely transform the way you live your life, but it can be difficult knowing where to start. Often, the decluttering process begins in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and under-the-stairs, but there’s an important room in your home which gathers clutter without you noticing, and it’s a great place to start your organisation process.

If you have a bathroom that’s calling out for attention, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your life at home is without fuss.

How to approach a cluttered bathroom

We love Marie Kondo’s approach to clutter and mess – figuring out which things in your bathroom truly “spark joy” for you is a fantastic way to start your decluttering process.

1. Remove everything from your bathroom

2. Sort through your bathroom items, asking yourself “does this spark joy?”

3. Make sure you have enough storage

Put the items you’re keeping in their place – and make sure they stay there!

Remove everything from your bathroom

First thing’s first, take everything out of your bathroom and into another part of the house. This might be the kitchen, the bedroom, or just to the floor space outside your bathroom. With all your clutter removed, you can start to get an idea of how a completely clean, decluttered bathroom will make you feel. It’s easy to lose track of cosmetics, products and treatments, and you might be surprised to discover the number of items you’ve accrued over the years.

Sort through your bathroom items, asking yourself “does this spark joy?”

This step can be tricky, especially if you feel like you need a lot of the things that you’ve been storing in your bathroom. It might help to start by throwing away anything that’s gone out of date – that’s right, cosmetics can go out of date! – before moving on to the bulk of your clutter.

Take each item in your hand and ask yourself “does this spark joy?”, and “do I use this?”. If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you can put the item into your ‘keep’ pile. If the answer to both questions is no, it’s time to say goodbye.

There are a few ways you can get rid of the things that you no longer want or need:

1. Throw it away

2. Recycle old packaging

3. Donate it

4. Give it to friends or family

Make sure you have enough storage

If your bathroom gets cluttered easily, part of the reason might be lack of storage. If you’re struggling to find a home for each of your bathroom items, consider the following convenient and stylish bathroom storage ideas:

  • Hang a caddy from your shower or bath taps
  • Tuck small sets of drawers underneath the sink
  • Prop a storage ladder against empty wall space
  • Use makeup organisers
  • Store towels in wicker baskets
  • Hang hooks on the back of doors and cupboards

With just a little extra storage you’ll find your bathroom stays organised without minimal effort, and you’ll be able to find the things you need quickly and easily on busy mornings.

Put the items you’re keeping in their place

The final step in your bathroom declutter is also the most rewarding – put the items you’re keeping into their new home, and make sure they stay there! With just a little care each day keeping your bathroom organised can be simple.


Follow this simple guide and inject a little joy into your life – for more bathroom inspiration, head over to the Mira Showers blog and explore.