By Kerry Hale

Heating In The Bathroom: How to Get It Right

  • Friday 17 May 2019
  • 4 minute read

While perhaps less exciting than choosing tiles, paint colours and your perfect suite, heating plays an essential role in your bathroom. Not only does your bathroom heating keep your space warm and cosy, but it also helps to keep it dry. Because bathrooms are typically more humid than other parts of the home, your heating system will help to prevent mould and mildew, which could cause damage and even be dangerous to your health. There are a lot of different bathroom heating options available and it can be tricky to find the perfect system for your space. From underfloor heating to towel radiators, we’ve put together a guide to help inspire your project.

Are radiators good for heating the bathroom?

Bathroom radiators can be a great choice for those who want a bit of flexibility with their style. There are a lot of different radiator designs available, from the vintage-inspired to ultra-modern, making it easy to choose a radiator to suit your space.

They also offer flexibility in terms of heat. For larger spaces, you could include a bigger radiator or incorporate more than one to ensure that your bathroom stays warm.

Bathroom radiators can also be very budget-friendly, making them a good choice for those looking for good value.

Can you have electric underfloor heating in a bathroom?

Underfloor heating for bathrooms is a great choice for those who want sleek style combined with practical space saving. Ideal for large and small bathrooms alike (but particularly well-suited to those with limited space), underfloor heating means that you won’t have any radiators or towel rails on show.

They’re also ideal for those with tiled bathroom floors. With this type of heating system, cold tiles on bare feet will be a thing of the past.

Is a heated towel rail enough to heat a bathroom?

Towel radiators are a good choice for both small and larger bathrooms. They come in a variety of sizes, although you will need plenty of vertical wall space to fit one of these radiators. They can heat a room well and have the added benefit of keeping your towels warm and dry.

Depending on whether you choose a basic towel radiator or something a little more luxurious, the price of these heating systems can vary. However, there are plenty of options available, so you should.

How can I make my bathroom warmer?

As well as the type of bathroom heating you choose, there are other options available too to make the most of your heating system:

  • Incorporate smart technology into your space. Systems that allow you to control your heating from your phone or device are a great choice. With tech like this, you’ll be able to set the perfect temperature whenever you like.
  • Think about combining smart heating with a digital shower. Like a smart heating system, you can set the temperature of your shower and even control it from your phone.



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