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How to choose the best digital shower

Everything you need to know about the world of hi-tech showers

Tuesday 7th November 2017

The days of turning a dial and hoping for the best are gone. Digital showers are a game-changer in the form wireless controllers providing precise temperature control, ensuring unpleasant temperature spikes are history.

Technology and connectivity has spread throughout our homes at an impressive rate in recent years, to the point where everything from lightbulbs to doorbells are now ‘smart’. This is equally true for our bathrooms, especially when it comes to showering. The advent of the digital shower has enhanced the showering experience to impressive new levels.


What is a digital shower?
A digital shower is essentially one that is controlled by a digital controller. It works in the same way as a mixer shower, taking hot and cold water and mixing them to produce the required temperature, but the presence of the digital controller means it’s far more precise than a mixer shower when it comes to setting that temperature. The thermostatic technology inside the digital mixer valve keeps your water temperature constant, which means that any other water usage in the house (kitchen taps, flushing the toilet) won’t affect the temperature of your shower, for added safety.


Watch this video to learn more about Mira digital showers range.

Features of digital showers
Along with the digital thermostat, there are several features that are unique to digital showers, depending on the model you choose. Wired digital showers have a wall-mounted touch screen that allows you to accurately set the temperature to the exact degree. There are also wireless options, which means that the controller connects to the shower valve remotely and the shower can be turned on or off and the temperature can be adjusted via a remote control, which works up to 10 metres from the shower. Our latest wired digital shower, the Mira Mode, comes with an app that allows you to control the shower from your smartphone.


All Mira digital showers also have a warm-up feature that means the shower will heat up to the required temperature and then pause until you’re ready to get in – a handy alternative to standing there freezing on cold mornings, testing the water with one hand while the shower heats up.


The Mira Mode is also available with a bath-fill option, that allows you to accurately control the temperature and depth of your bath – especially useful if you are running baths for little ones. The app allows you to pre-programme 10 different bath options.

Which is the best digital shower for me?
First, you have to decide whether you want a wired or wireless shower. For minimum disruptions of the tiles around your shower, a wireless digital shower, such as the Mira Platinum, may be the best option.

Secondly, choose the water supply method to your shower. A gravity-fed water supply will require a different shower to a combi-boiler or high pressure system. Gravity-fed means that you have a cold-water tank in your attic or loft which then achieves pressure through the force of gravity as it flows down from the tank to the shower. Gravity-fed showers will need a pumped option to boost water flow, whereas high pressure and combi-boiler systems will only work with digital showers that don’t have a pump. The Mira Platinum wireless digital shower and Mira Mode digital shower are available for both gravity-fed and combi and high pressure systems.


Next, consider the outlets that you want on your shower. Digital showers come with single outlets (i.e. a single shower head), or dual outlets. This can be either a second shower outlet (i.e. a ceiling fed or rear overhead outlet) or a bath outlet, if you take a lot of baths.


If you’re still unsure about the correct option for you, speak to your plumber or contact our customer service team.


View our complete digital showers range or watch our Make Life Flow Film here.