By Kerry Hale

6 Contemporary & Modern Bathroom Ideas For 2022

  • Monday 16 May 2022
  • 5 minute read

If your bathroom’s feeling outdated and you're looking to give it a contemporary makeover, explore the best modern bathroom ideas here. 

From digital showers to de-misting mirrors, easy-to-clean shower doors and atmospheric lighting, it's easy to overhaul your bathroom with innovative products from Mira. From remote-controlled showers and demisting mirrors to easy-to-clean shower doors and atmospheric lighting, if you want to bring your home well and truly into the 21st Century, then explore these modern bathroom ideas.

Modern bathroom designs

There are plenty of ways to update your bathroom and achieve a modern finish. Add some digital accessories, install state-of-the-art fittings and fixtures, or simply give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Digital showers and accessories

You can embrace the digital age in every aspect of your home with Mira digital showers, giving you ultimate control over your showering experience. Featuring easy-to-use wireless controllers and smartphone technology, you can warm your shower up before you get in. LED displays allow you to set your preferences, helping you enjoy the perfect shower every time. 

Love the idea of a digital shower? Discover how to choose the best digital shower for your bathroom. 

Give your bathroom the ultimate modern update with the latest digital bathroom accessories. From shaver sockets for easier grooming to heated mirrors that de-mist themselves, plenty of practical gadgets are available to simplify your daily routines. Fancy catching up on your favourite shows, watching a film or listening to music whilst you shower? Install Bluetooth speakers or a waterproof television in your bathroom.

Fancy fittings

Upgrade your fittings and fixtures to create the ultimate modern bathroom. Not only do your fittings add to the overall design of your bathroom, but they can make your experience even more enjoyable. From minimalist wall-hung toilets to sleek counter-top basins, fittings can make a difference to your contemporary bathroom design! 

The Mira 360m Four Spray Showerhead allows you to select settings to suit your mood, from a high-pressured spray to wake you up in the morning to a gentle flow that helps you relax at night. Why not opt for a dual shower to enjoy the benefits of a rainfall deluge and a massaging handheld showerhead?

Unique bathroom taps  are another way to modernise your bathroom design. At Mira, we stock bathroom taps in various styles to suit your preference. 

Easy-to-clean shower doors 

Gone are the days of streaky glass in the bathroom, as all of our  shower enclosures feature Mira CleanCoat® technology. This innovative tech makes the glass incredibly easy to clean, ensuring your shower enclosure stays sparkling for longer.  

Choose the Mira Ascend hinged shower door for the ultimate contemporary shower enclosure. Its frameless design adds a minimalist look to your bathroom and can be configured to suit any space, thanks to the alcove and corner options available. 

Styling your space

Modern bathroom design is all about minimalist décor. Neutral tones or black and white designs can create a contemporary yet timeless feel. These shades are some of the best colours for small bathrooms but work equally well in more spacious bathrooms.

If you're thinking about tiling your bathroom, opt for tiles in muted colours on your walls and floors. Choosing neutral shades for these design elements means you won't need to update your bathroom as often.  

Prefer bolder shades or fun prints? You can still create a modern bathroom that shows your personality. Simply add pops of colour throughout the space with towels, accessories and plants. Concrete and metal accents can create an industrial feel, whilst wood and woven textures are more rustic.

Luxe lighting 

Most bathrooms have exceptionally bright lighting, which comes in handy when shaving or doing your makeup. Still, you'd probably prefer lower lighting when taking a relaxing bath or doing your evening skincare routine. Consider installing dimmer switches for a convenient and modern addition to your bathroom, allowing you to alter the ambience.

Savvy storage 

Take a minimalist approach and minimise clutter with contemporary bathroom storage. You can find various storage solutions to suit your bathroom design and configuration. Create an industrial feel with metal floating shelves, or try ladder shelves for a less-is-more kind of look.  

Shelves and freestanding units are the perfect places to store your favourite products, bathroom accessories or plants. Over-door storage baskets and hooks can help keep the floor space tidy, whilst an under-sink storage cabinet is the ideal space-saving solution for small bathrooms. Discover more of the best bathroom storage ideas from Mira.


It doesn't have to cost the earth to transform your bathroom into a modern space. Discover some of the best DIY bathroom ideas on a budget to create your dream bathroom for less!

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