By Kerry Hale

DIY Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

  • Thursday 24 March 2022
  • 3.5 Minute Read

Renovating your bathroom may have been on your to-do list a while now, but it doesn't have to cost the earth – or even take up more than a few hours of your time! If you're looking for quick fixes to transform your bathroom and budget-friendly DIY hacks, we've got you covered with plenty of easy DIY bathroom ideas.

Quick DIY bathroom fixes

A bathroom renovation doesn't necessarily mean a complete overhaul, as you can transform your bathroom on a budget by making a few simple changes. Whether that's painting the walls, adding new fixtures, investing in better storage or introducing a few fun accessories, there’s plenty you can do. These are some of the cheapest areas of the bathroom to upgrade and the easiest DIY tasks to try when it's time to give your space a refresh.

Invest in new fittings and fixtures

Rather than redesigning your entire bathroom, why not work with what you've already got? Upgrading your shower heads or taps can make all the difference, introducing a modern touch to your space without the hefty price tag of a brand new bathroom suite.

For example, chrome shower heads make a stylish addition to any bathroom, but they're also an affordable way to improve your showering experience. Choose from different spray settings for an invigorating or relaxing shower, depending on your mood.

Match your shower head and new taps with other fixtures around your bathroom to finish off the look. Fitting new handles to bathroom cabinets and drawers can tie your bathroom design together and give a contemporary feel. Take a look at more of our recommendations for matching different styles.

Introduce a splash of colour

Experimenting with new colours is another way to freshen up your bathroom on a budget. Painting your bathroom is one of the simplest DIY bathroom tasks, yet one of the most effective. Best of all, you can transform your space in less than a day for instant results!

Whether you decide to go for a bold feature wall or paint your bathroom in a relaxing hue, you'll be amazed at what a few coats of paint can do to make your space feel renewed.

Get organised with bathroom storage

If you're on a tight budget, consider whether there's too much going on in your bathroom. De-cluttering your space costs nothing, apart from a few hours of your time!

Bathroom storage can be the perfect way to keep your space looking clean, tidy and balanced. Depending on the size of the space, storage choices range from cabinets to baskets and storage benches.

Add bathroom accessories

It's easy to overlook elements of your bathroom that impact the room's overall feel. Consider both practical and aesthetic additions you could make to your space when choosing bathroom accessories. For example, shower trays with anti-slip technology can improve your showering experience, whilst the right bath size will maximise space.

Introduce mirrors to lighten up the room, or why not invest in statement pieces like lighting, artwork, houseplants, brightly coloured towels or printed bath mats and rugs? The options are endless when it comes to accessorising your bathroom!

Looking for more budget-friendly bathroom ideas? Read our guide to creating a wet room on a budget for more renovation tips, or explore more quick and easy bathroom décor ideas.

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