By Kerry Hale

The Best Paint Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

  • Friday 08 May 2020
  • 4 minute read

The bathroom is a part of your home where you can enjoy personal space as you prepare for the day, unwind for the evening and generally relax.

Whether you want your bathroom to energise you and boost your mood or feel like your own personal spa, the bathroom paint colours you choose can have a big impact. We’ve created a list of seven bathroom paint ideas to inspire you to transform your bathroom into the haven you deserve.

1. Gorgeous green

Calming and rejuvenating, green is an ideal colour if you want a bathroom that helps you to wake up in the morning and unwind at night. Try an earthy shade for ultimate relaxation and a true connection with nature, or a pastel green for a country-style feel. Accessorise your green bathroom with plants and foliage in complementary shades of green – just remember to research species that like the warm and often low-lit conditions  of a bathroom.

2. Blissful blue

Want your bathroom to enhance your wellbeing and boost your mood every day? A beautiful blue bathroom will do just that. The colour blue is both healing and powerful, and is associated, of course, with the sky and the sea. With blue bathroom walls, you’ll find yourself dreaming of sparkling oceans and glistening lagoons as you shower under your very own waterfall. Go for a pale blue for an especially soothing space, or try sky blue if you want a bathroom that is both energising and calming.

3. Deep blue

In a larger bathroom with high ceilings, deep, inky blue walls will look elegant and sophisticated – like the type of bathrooms you come across in a boutique hotel. Keep ceilings and floors white to bounce light around the room, and add framed paintings and bunches of faux flowers for the ultimate designer bathroom look. Finish it all off with plenty of candles to help you relax as you soak or shower in style.

4. Perfect pink

Calming, cosy and oh so pretty, when done right, pink can transform your bathroom into a place of tranquillity. While blush millennial pink may have been the colour of recent years, a grown-up dusky tone is better suited for a bathroom. It behaves almost as a neutral and adds understated glamour and elegance, without being overly feminine. Pair with bright white for a traditional look or with navy or grey for something a little more contemporary. Accessorise with Art Deco style tiling and mirrors, plus towels and other furnishings in similar or complementary hues.

5. Mellow yellow

Since some of our best thoughts come to us in the shower,  why not paint your bathroom in a colour associated with creativity and knowledge to get those juices flowing? Go for a bright and bold tone for a contemporary feel, or channel a country-style look with paler hues. Warm bathroom colours like yellow work well in small bathrooms and rooms that don’t get much natural light as they radiate energy and create the illusion of lightness and brightness.

6. Bright white

Whether your bathroom lacks natural light or has it in abundance, you can’t go wrong with white as your bathroom wall colour. White walls work well in just about any bathroom, no matter the size, acting as a blank canvas so that you can add colour to your bathroom with furnishings, fixtures and accessories. Plus you’re safe in the knowledge that your colour scheme will last for years. Crisp, clean and light, a white bathroom can even create the feeling that you have your own spa at home. For a true spa look, add plush towels and bathmats, scented candles, and remember to put on ambient music while you shower or bathe.

7. Timeless grey

Grey is a good alternative to white in the bathroom if you want neutral walls but with a touch more style. Choose warm tones for a cosy bathroom scheme or go for paler tones for elegance. Whichever shade you go for, stop the colour looking flat by with white fittings and fixtures, and chrome accessories. The colour grey also pairs well with most palettes – particularly with bold and vibrant hues – so use grey as your backdrop and accessorise to create your ideal bathroom scheme.

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