By Kerry Hale

Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

  • Wednesday 30  August 2017
  • 4 minute read

Looking to give your walls a new lease of life? 

The choices are plentiful, the colours even more so, meaning you can try something other than the same old white walls and white tiles and try something a little more daring. To help you narrow it down, we’ve come up with some exciting bathroom wall décor options to help you break away from worn-out wallpaper and tired tiles. Keep reading for bathroom paint, tile and wallpaper ideas.

Painting your bathroom is probably the quickest and easiest way to redo the walls, but it’s important to do it correctly. First of all, choose a paint that is moisture and mould resistant, such as Dulux Bathroom+ Soft Sheen or Farrow & Ball’s Modern Emulsion. Then clean your walls thoroughly with sugar soap and take care to wash away all residue before starting to paint.

Choosing your colour is a vital step and will probably take more time than actually putting the paint on the walls. Neutral light greys and whites are always good paint colours for bathrooms as they are timeless and offer the opportunity to easily change the colour scheme of your bathroom by swapping out towels and accessories. Light colours also help to reflect the light and make your bathroom appear brighter.

Green has made something of a resurgence as a popular colour for bathroom walls. For a fresh, nautical feel, opt for a green with blue tones, along the lines of a turquoise or aquamarine, rather than anything closer to avocado, which can look a little sickly when overused.

If you’re aiming for something a little more daring, we love a splash of red as a way to bring some vibrant colour to bathroom walls. It looks really dramatic when juxtaposed with white tiles.


It’s incredibly likely that your bathroom floor will be tiled but what about the walls? Many people like to tile around wet areas, such as the bath and shower, but it’s far from uncommon to see tiles around the whole room, even from floor to ceiling. Using the same tiles on the floor and on the walls from floor to ceiling is an excellent way to make a small bathroom seem larger. Subway tiles can be an incredibly stylish addition to bathroom walls, but be wary of overdoing it as it can end up looking something like a public bathroom. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you opt for intricate patterned tiling (such as a mosaic) on your bathroom floor, choose something simpler for the walls – or vice versa – or the room will look too busy. For an easy and alternative solution to tiling, try Mira bathroom wall panels.


Wallpaper in your bathroom might not be an option you immediately think of, but it can be a very effective way to transform the room and make a bold statement, whether it’s on a feature wall or throughout the room. Vinyl and super-strength wallpaper for bathrooms are also more than able to deal with humid and wet conditions, meaning nightmares of it peeling of the walls after a few showers are a thing of the past.

If you’re aiming for a country-themed bathroom, some beautiful pastel floral paper will help to set off your theme perfectly, while some appropriately illustrated paper can be just the thing for a nautical-themed bathroom.

Prints and paintings

Depending on your theme or colour-scheme, a well-chosen print or painting can be the crowning glory that your bathroom needs. Vintage seaside postcards and posters are excellent finishing touches for nautical themes, while a monochrome bathroom can be nicely complemented by black and white photographs or even a splash of colour with a bold print or painting in primary colours. If you are planning on adorning your walls with prints and pictures, it can be more effective to ensure that you don’t opt for a wallpaper with a very busy print.

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