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6 Contemporary & Modern Bathroom Ideas for 2022

Ideas and designs to help you modernise your bathroom and bring it into the 21st Century

Wednesday 13th October 2021

If your bathroom has started to feel outdated and you’re looking to give it a contemporary makeover, then we’ve got some ideas to help you out. The most modern bathrooms nowadays have technology at the forefront, with products and features that either didn’t exist a decade ago or have changed dramatically. From remote-controlled showers and demisting mirrors to easy-to-clean shower doors and atmospheric lighting, if you want to bring your home well and truly into the 21st Century, then explore these modern bathroom ideas.

1. Digital showers

Homes have embraced the digital age, and the bathroom is certainly no different. The rise of digital showers over the years has continued to advance, giving you ultimate control over your showering experience. Many of today's models feature easy-to-use wireless controllers and smartphone technology so that you can warm your shower up before you get in, LED displays to make it easy to set your preferences, and programmable settings so that you can enjoy the perfect shower time and time again.  

Get tips on how to choose the best digital shower for your bathroom.  

2. Other digital details

Other new and innovative forms of technology can also be added to give you a truly modern bathroom. Think shaver sockets for easier grooming, heated mirrors that demist themselves, Bluetooth speakers for a backing track to your shower singing, and waterproof televisions for catching up with your favourite shows while you bathe. 

3. Fancy fittings 

For a fully modern bathroom, attention to detail is key. Choose a contemporary showerhead like the Mira 360m Four Spray Showerhead, which can sync with your mood, allowing you to choose from options including a high-pressured spray to wake you up in the morning and a gentle flow to relax you at night. You could also opt for a dual shower to enjoy the benefits of a drenching rainfall showerhead as well as a massaging handheld option.  

You bathroom taps are another fitting to consider, and our Aspects Collection features seven designs for you to choose from. Each style has its own distinct look, with super contemporary options to accentuate your modern bathroom, and they’re all made from the highest quality materials and manufactured to exceptional standards. 

4. Easy-to-clean shower doors 

Gone are the days of streaky glass in the bathroom, as all of our shower enclosures feature Mira CleanCoat® technology. This innovative tech makes the glass incredibly easy to clean and ensures your enclosure continues to look as good as the day you bought it. 

There are myriad options when it comes to shower enclosures these days, but none are quite so luxurious or contemporary as the Mira Ascend hinged shower door. Its frameless design makes a minimalist statement that every modern bathroom aspires for, and it’s available in both alcove and corner options so that it can fit seamlessly into your bathroom.  

5. Luxe lighting 

A lot of the time, traditional bathrooms are subject to bright and stark lighting. Sometimes this is needed, like when you’re shaving or doing your makeup, but a lot of the time, the room can benefit from a little ambience. For a modern showering experience that replicates that of a spa, install dimmer switches so that you can alter the ambience depending on your mood.   

6. Pared-back colour scheme 

Modern bathroom design is very much focused on pared-back and minimalist décor, and when it comes to choosing a colour scheme, neutral and understated tones are the way forward. Step away from bright and bold colours and think monochrome or earthy tones throughout. Opt for slate and stone tiles in muted colours for your walls and floors, and you can either embrace the industrial trend with concrete and metal accents, or go for a more rustic look with wooden finishes, woven textures and other natural elements incorporated through accessories. 


Ready to embrace a modern bathroom aesthetic? Start by browsing our range of digital showers to revolutionise your showering experience in a way your ancestors could never have imagined. 


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