By Kerry Hale

2023 Bathroom Design Trends

  • Monday 20 February 2023
  • 4 minute read

Planning a bathroom renovation in 2023?

We’ve pulled together this year’s top bathroom trends to help you find the best style for your home. These ideas can be adapted to suit your space, whatever your taste, budget or bathroom size. 

1. Spathrooms

2023 is the year of self-care, and what better way to focus on your well-being than an at-home spa? With a few small changes to the colour scheme, scents and lighting, you could enjoy the luxurious experience of visiting a spa every time you set foot in your bathroom. Learn how to create a spa bathroom in our guide and transform your space into a calming oasis.  

2. Freestanding baths

For those with larger bathrooms, a freestanding bath is a luxurious addition. Perfect for spathrooms where relaxation is the goal, a freestanding bath gives you more space to unwind. They’re also a stand-out design feature and can be customised with your chosen taps.

3. Darker colours

Not only are darker colours more practical for bathrooms since they won’t show up marks or dirt, but a black or grey bathroom looks stylish and contemporary. Discover elegant black bathroom ideas to embrace the darkness, or use black, grey and brown accents throughout the space.

4. Cottagecore

Country bathrooms with vintage-inspired colours, prints, lighting and fixtures are coming back for 2023 thanks to the rise of the ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic in home interiors and fashion. If you live in an older home with plenty of character or simply like the traditional, rustic look, consider a cottagecore bathroom. 

5. Chequerboard patterns

Arguably one of the most timeless bathroom patterns, chequerboard tiles are still popular for 2023. Update your black and white bathroom by introducing this print, or try chequerboard tiles in different colours to complement your existing home interior. 

6. Metallic accents

Whether you’re into gold, brass, silver or chrome, metallic accents aren’t going anywhere in 2023. Choose your favourite shade, then match your bathroom switches and sockets, mirrors, taps, toilet roll holders and showerheads for a coherent look. 

7. Showers vs baths

While bathing can be relaxing after a long, busy day, showers are still preferable in 2023. They make washing quicker and offer numerous energy-saving benefits compared to baths. With so many options available at Mira, from electric showers to digital showers, you can find the right design to suit your bathroom. 

8. Wet rooms

Why not opt for a wet room if you’ve decided to get rid of your bath completely? You’ll have more room to shower, and the open-plan design will make your bathroom feel bigger, no matter the size. Mira divider panels come in several sizes and configurations and are suitable for wetrooms.

Looking for more bathroom design inspiration? Visit the trends section of our blog. 

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