By Kerry Hale

Monochrome Bathrooms: Black And White Bathroom Ideas

  • Tuesday 17 May 2022
  • 5 minute read

Are you thinking about redesigning your bathroom to achieve a clean and minimal look? Black and white bathrooms work well in most homes, being classic yet contemporary, dramatic yet calming, and simple yet luxurious. Discover some of the best black and white bathroom ideas that can be easily adapted to suit your space.

Benefits of a black and white bathroom 

Black and white bathrooms are one of the most timeless styles you can choose, meaning you won’t need to update the design frequently. This neutral colour palette looks great alone if you love a modern, minimalist look. Still, you can pair black and white with almost any colour or pattern to add some personality to your bathroom. 

Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom makeover with new fixtures, fittings and tiles or want to adapt your current space with a few minor changes, we’ve got plenty of monochrome bathroom ideas to get you started.   

Black and white walls 

One of the most popular contemporary bathroom designs is white metro tiles with dark, contrasting grout or black metro tiles with white grout. This design is most impactful as a feature wall in one area of your bathroom and works well within the bath or shower unit. You could paint the rest of the walls white for a clean, minimal look.  

Black and white mosaic tiling is another eye-catching style. Mosaic tiles can be applied to your bathroom walls or floor. This design works particularly well in small bathrooms, making them feel more spacious. 

Black and white floors 

Black and white tiled floors create a striking monochrome look in any bathroom. Pair your chosen tiles with painted black or white walls to let them stand out. Alternatively, opt for a fully tiled bathroom in one shade or create contrast with black and white tiles. This will create a unique design and luxurious feel in your bathroom. 

However, bathroom floors don’t have to be tiled. If you have existing floorboards, paint and varnish them in a black, water-resistant stain for a modern update. Then, create contrast and brighten up the space with white tiled or painted walls. If you decide to paint your floorboards, ensure you use an oil-based sealant to cover any cracks and make them water-resistant.  

Fixtures and fittings 

White is the go-to colour for baths, showers and toilets, offering a clean and timeless look to complement your chosen black and white design. However, black fixtures and fittings can add a unique touch to your bathroom. If you’re looking for a matt black shower, the Mira Opero Dual is the ideal choice, combining performance and style.

Alternatively, chrome fittings can soften the look of a monochrome bathroom, from stylish chrome taps to minimalist chrome showerheads. Choose from fixed showerheads and versatile handheld showerheads to suit your preference.  

For a luxurious showering experience, the Mira Opero Dual features a large deluge showerhead coupled with a four spray mode handset. The adjustable arm allows you to position the deluge showerhead wherever you want, ideal for all bathroom configurations. 

Bathroom accessories 

Add the finishing touches to your monochrome bathroom design with some black and white bathroom accessories. A sleek black mirror can add contrast to white bathroom walls. Frames with black and white prints or photos can add personality to your bathroom whilst keeping with the monochrome palette. 

Practical accessories like toothbrush holders and soap dispensers can become a stand-out feature when you choose black or monochrome designs. Black or white floating shelves are another way to incorporate practical accessories into your space, perfect for displaying your favourite products.  

Looking for bathroom storage solutions? Black and white woven baskets can be used to store spare towels and other items you don’t want to display, helping your bathroom remain clutter-free. Choose natural bamboo or wicker storage units to soften the monochrome look.

Towels and bath mats are a great way to tie your bathroom design together. Create a coherent look with classic white or black towels, or add dimension with patterned styles. Want to introduce a pop of colour into your black and white bathroom? Choose brightly-coloured towels, bath mats, prints and accessories or add greenery with plants.

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