By Kerry Hale

The Best Small Bathroom Ideas With Showers

  • Tuesday 12 April 2022
  • 4 minute read

By choosing the right shower enclosure for a small bathroom, you can still enjoy a great shower experience while maximising space. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the different options, from corner showers to walk-in showers for small bathrooms.

Showers for small bathrooms


Choosing the perfect shower for a small bathroom may seem like a difficult task, but you’re never short on options at Mira. These are some of the best shower enclosures for small bathrooms.

Corner shower enclosures


A corner shower enclosure is a great way to maximise space in small bathrooms. Our Mira Elevate range includes shower enclosures in various sizes, from 760 x 760mm to 800 x 800mm and 900 x 900mm units. 

As well as being a practical, space-saving option, corner showers add a modern touch to any bathroom. This is thanks to their simple design and clear glass panels, keeping your space looking airy and bright. 

Quadrant shower enclosures


Like corner showers, quadrant shower enclosures are ideal for saving space in small bathrooms. The main difference is their curved door design, adding a contemporary feel to any bathroom and giving your shower enclosure a sleek finish. Quadrant showers are available with hinged or sliding doors, depending on your preference. 

Choose from Mira Elevate and Mira Ascend quadrant shower enclosures, or customise your unit when you shop our Mira Leap range of quadrant panels and doors. You’ll find a range of sizes available to suit any space, no matter how small!


Walk-in showers for small bathrooms


Just because your bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a walk-in shower. A walk-in shower unit feels luxurious and looks ultra-modern thanks to the minimalist design, featuring a single glass divider panel or screen. 

With panels starting at 760mm, you’re bound to find the perfect solution for any small bathroom in our range of divider panels for walk-in showers. 

Best showers for small bathrooms


Once you’ve chosen your shower enclosure, you can decide on the type of shower that best suits your bathroom, lifestyle, budget and design preference. At Mira, we stock a wide range of electric, mixer, digital and power showers so that you can find the right option for your home’s central heating system. 

Wondering how to choose the right shower for your bathroom? Read our guide to different shower types for more information. 

Small bathroom ideas to maximise space


It’s incredible how a few small changes can make even the smallest bathrooms look and feel bigger, from choosing the right paint to finding great storage solutions that help keep your bathroom clutter-free. Check out these simple ways to brighten up a small bathroom with no windows, or discover how to get the most out of your bathroom storage.

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