By Kerry Hale

The 10 Best Small Bathroom Colour Ideas

  • Friday 11 March 2022
  • 4 minute read

Discover the best colours for small bathrooms, so you can make your space look and feel bigger, even if you’re on a budget. Wondering what the best bathroom paint is? We’re here to guide you through emulsion, gloss and waterproof paint for bathrooms.

Top 10 small bathroom paint colours

Adding a bold colour can completely reinvent a space and add personality, whilst white and lighter shades are calming and brightening. Whatever your preference, these are the top 10 paint colours to try to transform your bathroom:

1. White: It may seem like an obvious choice, but white paint is the perfect way to brighten up a small bathroom. You can always bring a pop of colour to the space with fun prints or add mirrors to make the room look bigger.

2. Light grey: If white paint isn’t your thing, try light grey instead. This calming shade works particularly well in small bathrooms.

3. Cool beige: Cool and green-toned beige paints are ideal for small bathrooms, adding a neutral finish without being as stark as white.

4. Sage green: Want to keep your bathroom neutral with something other than white, beige or grey? Sage green is a perfect pick! It also looks great painted on wood panelling if you want to incorporate a unique design feature into your space.

5. Pale blue: Add a spa-like touch to your bathroom with pale blue paint. The cool tones have a brightening effect on smaller spaces.

6. Baby pink: No room for decorative additions? Choose a bold, playful colour like baby pink to give your bathroom a style overhaul.

7. Yellow: This mood-boosting shade can be a touch overpowering when used alone, so why not paint half-tiled areas with a pop of yellow? Or try a yellow accent wall instead!

8. Black: Whilst it might seem counterintuitive to choose a dark colour for a small bathroom, sometimes it’s best to embrace the lack of light! Black works well in small bathrooms with no natural light, where you can add statement lighting or lamps to achieve an ambient, atmospheric finish.

9. Forest green: Like black paint, forest green can give your space a cosy, luxurious feel.

10. Navy blue: If black paint seems too harsh for your space, why not introduce navy instead? Dark colours don’t have to make a bathroom feel smaller if you know how to use them. Try an accent wall or paint half-tiled areas if you don’t fancy an entire navy blue look.

Looking for other creative ways to add colour to your bathroom? Read our blog post for more inspiration!

Types of bathroom paint

When it’s time to freshen up your bathroom, it might be tempting to reach for the emulsion paint that’s already sitting in the back of the shed. However, satin and gloss paints will fare better in humid conditions, especially if there’s no window in your bathroom.

If you’re set on a matte finish, use a primer to stop mould and mildew from building up and prevent your paint from peeling. But be aware that these paints are harder to keep clean, so you might notice stains, splashes and drips caused by water or shower products!

Mira Quadrant shower enclosures are a great way to minimise marks on your bathroom paintwork, keeping moisture within the shower cubicle.

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