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Luxury Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Get inspired by these brilliant black bathroom ideas

  • Friday 09 December 2022
  • 4 minute read

Black bathrooms are the ultimate modern design choice, giving your space a luxurious, sleek look.

Whether you’d prefer an all-black bathroom or want to introduce black accents into your existing colour scheme, we’ve got plenty of inspiration to help you get started.

Why choose a black bathroom?

Not only do black bathrooms look great, but they can also be more practical than lighter colours. Black tiles and flooring won’t show up dirt or marks as noticeably, prolonging the life of your chosen design. Alternatively, black fixtures can give a modern update to an older bathroom if you’re not planning a complete renovation.

Whether you have a small bathroom with little natural light and want to embrace the darkness or a large bathroom that feels too bright and clinical, a black colour scheme could be the ideal choice.

Black bathroom design ideas

Discover the best black bathroom ideas to transform your space into a stylish and modern oasis.

Black marble

Marble is an excellent choice in modern and traditional bathrooms, adding a luxurious touch to any space. This unique and durable material can be used on walls, floors, countertops and basins. Choose black marble to make a statement or white marble with black veining if you prefer a monochrome look.

Black tiles

Black tiles can be used on the walls, floor or both areas to create a cosy feel in your bathroom. Black gloss tiles reflect light around the space, while matte black tiles give a more subtle finish.

If a fully tiled bathroom isn’t for you, use black tiles to create a feature wall in your shower enclosure, above the bath or behind the sink. Then, paint the walls in a lighter shade, like white or grey, to create contrast.

Monochrome designs

All-black bathrooms make a bold statement, but monochrome designs can be just as effective. Black and white bathrooms are popular thanks to their contemporary yet timeless feel. This colour scheme works for bathrooms of any size.

Opt for black flooring and white walls to keep the space bright, or add a printed black and white wallpaper to create a feature wall. Black and white checkerboard tiles are another stylish option for walls or floors that add plenty of personality to the space. 

Bold colour pops

Since black is a neutral shade, it pairs with almost any colour. Why not introduce a bold contrasting shade into the design, like forest green, dusty pink, gold, silver or chrome? Use wallpapers, paint or tiles to create a feature wall in your chosen shade.

Add fixtures, mirrors and bathroom accessories in a contrasting colour for a more subtle look. Plants also bring greenery and life into darker interiors, so explore our guide to the best botanicals for bathrooms.

Black patterned wallpaper

A patterned wallpaper can add personality to your bathroom and break up an all-black colour scheme. Use it to create a feature wall to prevent the print from overpowering your space. Black floral wallpapers offer a contemporary take on traditional patterns, whilst geometric and abstract designs make a fun addition to modern bathrooms.

Black bathroom fixtures

Keep the design cohesive with black bathroom fixtures. From taps to showerheads, sockets, switches and door handles, black fixtures will add the finishing touches to your space.

Looking for more bathroom décor inspiration? Visit the trends section of our blog to discover unique ideas for any taste, budget or bathroom size.

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