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The Ultimate Sunday Self-Care Routine


    • Friday 10 December 2021
    • 6 minute read

    Spending time with your family or taking time to relax is exactly what Sundays are for! Explore our 15 Sunday self-care tips and see which ones you could add to your routine. We’ve analysed the most popular Sunday self-care tasks according to hashtag data. Check out our 15 tips for the ultimate Sunday self-care routine.

    15 Steps to creating the ultimate Sunday self-care routine

    1. Have a lie in


    Number of hashtags: 10,391

    For some of us, one of the best things about the weekend is not having to get up for work. Being able to relax in bed for those extra few hours gives you the chance to rest your body and recover after a long week, while preparing you for the next working week.

    2. Take a hot or cold shower


    Number of hashtags: 2,162

    Taking a daily shower has many benefits for both your body and mind, while the temperature you choose to shower also plays a part in your health. Whilst hot showers relieve muscle tension, ease stress and improve sleep, cold showers help you to wake up, boost your mood and improve circulation. So depending on the week you’ve had, it might influence which temperature shower you have.

    Find out exactly what temperature we recommend for your body and hair.

    3. Wash your hair


    Number of hashtags: 33

    Washing your hair is also a great way to feel refreshed and scheduling your hair washing day into your Sunday routine gives you have more time to relax and enjoy the experience, as opposed to rushing after a busy day. Find out how regularly you should wash your hair in our hair washing habits piece, in which we collaborated with an expert for handy tips and advice.

    4. Clean the house


    Number of hashtags: 173

    If you find yourself with a Sunday free, then cleaning the house is a great way to relieve some stress.

    In fact, studies have found that de-cluttering and cleaning can reduce anxiety, allowing you to take control of your environment. There are also physical benefits to cleaning-- if done right, you can burn calories by boosting your steps and going up and down the stairs

    5. Go out for Sunday brunch


    Number of hashtags: 2,717,831

    One for the keen Instagrammers, Sunday brunching comes out as the most popular thing to do on a Sunday according to our hashtag analysis, with 2,717,831 in total. Getting your coffee fix and indulging in some great food is an ideal way to spend your Sunday, perhaps catching up with friends or family too.

    6. Go for a walk or do some exercise

    #Sundaywalk #Sundayexercise

    Number of hashtags: 1,087,607, 11,078

    For those of us who lead busy lives during the week, Sunday can be the perfect time to fit in some exercise-- whether that’s hitting the gym for a workout or taking the dog out for a walk. Our dual electric showers are perfect for hosing down your furry friend after a muddy walk.

    7. Get creative in the kitchen

    #Sundaybaking, #Sundaycooking

    Number of hashtags: 275,010, 198,694

    Both cooking and baking are incredibly popular within our hashtag results, with #Sundaybaking seeing 275,010 hashtags and #Sundaycooking seeing 198,694. Cooking up a big Sunday roast or spending time baking a cake is a wholesome way to spend your Sunday and is a great stress-reliever.

    8. Spend time with the family


    Number of hashtags: 123,072

    What better way to spend your Sunday than with your nearest and dearest? Relaxing with loved ones over a Sunday roast or on a leisurely walk doesn’t cost a penny, and should be added to everybody’s Sunday self-care routine.

    9. Read a new book


    Number of hashtags: 116,093

    There’s no better feeling than immersing yourself in a great read, and Sunday is a perfect time to sit down, relax and unwind with your favourite book. We’ve collated a list of the best books to read in the bath that could help you decide on your next book of choice.

    10. Try out yoga or meditation

    #Sundayyoga, #Sundaymeditaton

    Number of hashtags: 87,274, 14,919

    Yoga or meditation is great for toning up, relieving aches and pains and nurturing your mental health. This ultimate zen and relaxing activity can be enjoyed by yourself of with your friends or family, so why not get everyone involved?

    11. Spend time on your skincare


    Number of hashtags: 29,982

    Putting your skin first and taking time to cleanse and moisturise is the perfect way to end a busy week. Whether you’ve perfected your skincare routine or area skincare novice, why not take some inspiration from our analysis of

    12. Take some time for yourself

    #Sundaymassage, #Sundaymanicure, #Sundayfacemask, #Sundaypedicure, #Sundayfacial

    Number of hashtags: 1,702, 1,228, 392, 209, 4,720

    A facial, massage or even a manicure or pedicure are just some of the popular Sunday self-care activities to add to your routine. Find the nearest spa in your area using our guide to the top-rated spas in the UK—or if you don’t fancy leaving the house, then why not create the ultimate spa experience at home? Follow our guide to recreate the ultimate spa experience in your bathroom.

    13. Take a long soak in the bath


    Number of hashtags: 9,908

    The best way to end the day is to run the perfect bath and relax. For the ultimate pamper session, add your favourite bath bombs, bubble bath and lotions to leave you smelling sweet, and light some candles for some extra ambience.

    14. Watch your favourite TV show


    Number of hashtags: 5,812

    Put your feet up and relax with a cosy blanket, a cup of tea and your favourite TV show.

    Whether it’s a new Netflix series or an old classic, #SundayTV is a popular choice to add to your Sunday routine with 5,812 hashtags.

    15. Plan for the week ahead


    Number of hashtags: 149,243

    Planning for your week ahead is a good option for those quieter Sundays, and meal prepping helps you to save time on cooking later in the week. This is a popular task with 149,243 hashtags.

    Methodology and sources: 

    We’ve analysed hashtag data relating to a number of Sunday self-care terms in order to discover which are the most popular. Data collected November 2021.


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